Best of British UK Shoe Brands

From heels to brogues, trainers to boots, we bring you our list of the best made in UK shoe brands.

[Updated January 2023]

We've compiled a list the best shoe brands made in the UK, including everything from British-made trainers to occasion heels, baby shoes to work boots and luxury made in England shoes .

This was a tricky list to compile as there are many shoe brands who give the impression they are UK-made but on further investigation are not really. This lovely bunch all make either all of their shoes in the UK or feature a Made in UK collection, which are of course the ones we are focusing on.

This collection of UK-made shoe brands is ever-evolving, so we would love your comments on any others that you think should be added to the list!

How do we select the made in UK shoe brands that make the list?

In order to decide who made this list of shoes made in the UK we took into account several criteria.

Firstly, we wanted to make sure that we had a good mix of mens, women's and children's shoes that showed the diversity of what footwear can made in Britain.

Whether a brand was 100% made in the UK was also an important factor, as well as those that are 'best in class' or have an iconic design, such as the Dr. Marten boot.

We also factored in those British shoe brands which the Make it British team themselves have owned and worn, meaning that the quality of the product had been tried and tested.

Finally, we made sure we included members of Make it British as a thank you for supporting this site!

Crown Northampton

UK shoe brand - Crown Northampton
Crown Northampton

The Woodford family have been hand making quality British-made shoes and boots 1908. Over the years their factory has become world renowned for comfort and craftsmanship with a large proportion of our production now exported worldwide. Using only the finest materials, all sourced from local leather merchants, they design, develop, and hand-make their shoes to the high standards set by both Northampton town’s forefathers and the Woodford family.

Shop the Crown Northampton collection here

Draper of Glastonbury

Draper of Glastonbury Shoes Brand made in Britain
Draper of Glastonbury

R. J. Draper & Co. is an established, independent, family-owned company, founded in 1937. They are based in Glastonbury in the south-west of England, traditionally the heart of England's sheepskin industry.

They are proud to say they are a fourth-generation family business, and have been manufacturing in their Glastonbury factory for over 79 years, now the oldest sheepskin footwear manufacturer in the UK.

Shop the Draper of Glastonbury collection here


UK-made Rudels luxury slippers

Rudels are hand made In England combining innovative traditional techniques and the very finest materials as proven by their timeless 100% British woven wool cloth & their Universal wools used to make our slippers.

They are proud to be the very first brand in the world bringing sustainable biodegradable certified 100% British woven wool slippers to You.

Shop the Rudels collection here

Billy Tannery

UK shoe brand - Billy Tannery
Billy Tannery

Makers of British goat leather goods, Billy Tannery turns waste goatskin from the UK food industry into a sturdy, growing collection of leather goods.

In special collaboration with Crown Northampton, Billy Tannery brought their dream of making footwear from their goat leather to life. Named simply 'The Sneaker', the shoe fuses centuries of Northampton’s shoe and leather making heritage with contemporary sneaker design and their sustainable British leather.

Shop the Billy Tannery collection here

Celtic & Co.

Celtic & Co, British-made sheepskin boots
Celtic & Co

Celtic & Co. is a luxury made in UK shoe brand made exclusively from the finest, all-natural fibres, predominantly produced in the UK. Celtic’s iconic sheepskin boots and slippers are true originals and are still handcrafted in their workshop in Newquay by their talented staff.

Shop the Celtic & Co collection here

Joseph Azagury

UK shoe brand - Joseph Azagury
Joseph Azagury

The Joseph Azagury collection of women's footwear is recognised as one of the UK 's leading footwear brands. His exquisite designs are hand made in their London atelier, using the finest quality materials.

They also offer a bespoke service where customers can select a model from the Azagury collection which can then be made up in the customers’ choice of material and colour (according to availability). The result for their customers is a truly unique pair of shoes.

Shop the Joseph Azagury collection here


Lambland wool, UK-made slippers and footwear

Based on the edge of the beautiful Exmoor National Park, Lambland was established in 1961 and is today a third generation family run business, starting their adventure as a small seasonal retail shop in the harbour area of the beautiful seaside resort of Ilfracombe selling leather wallets, purses and handbags.

They do not believe in fast fashion, we see our products as timeless classics, that with the right care will last you for many years.

Shop the Lambland collection here
Note: Check out Lambland's British-Made Collection for all their UK-made footwear

Inch Blue

Inch Blue UK Shoes Brand made in Britain
Inch Blue

Offering adorable, fun and colourful luxury baby shoes. Inch Blue HQ is nestled in the Welsh countryside where their lovely team hand make and pack your orders with love and care. All of their shoes are designed and handmade ethically starting with the materials they use in the packaging they send them in. They are 100% plastic free and their leather is free from toxic chemicals which could irritate skin or be ingested.

Shop the Inch Blue collection here


Sheepland, UK-made slippers and footwear

Sheepland make Sheepskin Slippers. They are a small family-run business creating the most beautiful sheepskin products in their farmyard workshop near Glastonbury, in the English county of Somerset.

They make their traditional range slippers from natural sheepskin and they are all crafted by hand.

Shop the Sheepland collection here

New Balance

Made in Britain. Trainers - New Balance
New Balance

New Balance have a made in UK collections of trainers, proudly made in Flimby, Cumbria since their facility opened in 1982. Since its opening, it has leveraged a rich heritage of shoemaking in the area utilizing the skills of experienced footwear specialists, some of whom have been building shoes for over 40 years.

At New Balance, they aim to aid athletes in their pursuit of excellence, whether that means helping professional athletes set records and win medals, or propelling everyday athletes to achieve a new PB, run their first 5K or just to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Shop the New Balance collection here
Note: not all New Balance shoes are made in England. Check their website for further details

Crockett & Jones

UK shoe brand - Crockett and Jones
Crockett and Jones

Crockett & Jones, makers of English men's and women's handmade shoes & footwear, was founded in 1879 in Northampton, specialising in the manufacture of Goodyear welted footwear.

Now after more than 139 years and in its 5th generation as a family business, Crockett & Jones continues to produce shoes with the same attention to detail, quality, comfort and durability that was the hallmark of their founders, Sir James Crockett and Charles Jones. In April 2017, Crockett & Jones was proudly awarded a Royal Warrant by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Shop the Crockett and Jones collection here

Dr Martens Made in England

Dr Martens Made in Britain shoes and boots
Dr Martens Made in England

The first pair of Dr. Martens boots rolled off the production line on April 1st 1960 from a factory in Cobbs Lane, Wollaston, England. Now crafted using original techniques, the Made in England range includes some of their most iconic pieces handcrafted in their original Wollaston factory.

Manufactured in Northamptonshire by experienced factory cobblers, the Made in England collection features Originals such as the 1460 boot and 1461 shoe.

Shop the Dr Martens Made in England collection here
Note: Only Dr. Martens made in England collection is made here. Check their website for further details


Church's British footwear

Church’s history can be traced back to 1617, but Church & Co. was officially established in 1873 and still manufactures the finest handmade luxury “English” shoes in its Northampton historical factory. Timeless in aesthetic and exceptional in quality, these handmade shoes are contemporary luxury icons.

The majority of Church’s men's shoes continues to be made in Northampton, England. Their website clearly details which shoes are manufactured in the UK.

Shop the Church's collection here
Note: not all Church's shoes are made in Northampton. Check their website for further details

Conker Shoes

Conker Shoes UK Shoe Brand made in Britain
Conker Shoes

With their passion for high quality shoe making, Conker has continued a tradition of British craftsmanship since 1977. They make sustainable, foot friendly leather shoes for men, women and children that are produced exclusively in Devon.

Each pair of Conker shoes has been meticulously crafted by their skilled shoemakers in their small workshop in Totnes in the South West of England. All of their shoes can be resoled and repaired which significantly extends the life of your footwear. They believe in long lasting high quality products that you can wear for a long time – truly sustainable footwear.

Shop the Conker Shoes collection here

Edward Green

Edward Green british shoes
Edward Green

Cut by hand from the world’s finest leathers, each pair of Edward Greens is made in their Northampton workshop according to the same principles that have guided them for over a century.

Still based in Northampton and have over sixty skilled artisans making around 350 pairs of shoes a week, many for export to the world's leading boutiques and department stores as well as their own shops in London and Paris.

Shop the Edward Green collection here


Freed of London, made in britain
Freed of London

Freed of London is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of professional dance shoes.

The unique making technique of the Studios pointe shoes ensures consistency and uniformity with every pair of shoes, while still encompassing the world famous key features our pointe shoes are known for.

With an extensive history dating back to 1929, Freed of London shoes are hand crafted in the UK and today the Freed of London portfolio includes dance apparel, bridal and fashion collections.

Shop the Freed of London collection here


UK shoe brand - Gina

The world famous Gina shoe is loved by women and celebrities across the globe. The brand started in 1954 and still manufactures their beautiful shoes in London.

In 2011, GINA relocated to a 40,000 sq. feet factory in North London, maintaining their commitment to not only the prestige of ‘Made in England’ but uniquely to ‘Made in London’. It is here that the GINA brand, led by Mehmet’s three sons, continue the family shoemaking legacy dedicated to craft and excellence.

Shop the Gina collection here

Grenson Shoes

UK shoe brand - Grenson Shoes
Grenson Shoes

Not all Grenson shoes are UK-made, but they are clear on their website which of their shoes are made in the UK, and which are made offshore. For UK-made shoes check out their G:One and G:Zero collections which are made entirely in their own factory, as are their collection of made in England trainers.

They offer a bespoke service and Grenson:LAB where they will make one of their styles to your own specification.

Shop the Grenson Shoes collection here
Note: not all Grenson shoes are made in England. Check their website for further details

JADD Shoes

JADD Shoes UK-made shoes brands made in Britain
JADD Shoes

JADD Shoes are designed and made for comfort and durability, using the best materials available and utilising traditional British manufacturing techniques. The highest quality leathers from some of the world's best tanneries are individually chosen to work in harmony with their style of footwear. Inside their shoes, the quality is equally high, from lining leathers to insoles, only the best is used - you might not see it, but you will feel the quality for years to come.

Shop the JADD Shoes collection here

John Lobb

UK shoe brand - John Lobb
John Lobb

John Lobb has been making the finest UK-made shoes and boots since 1866 in London. Its rich heritage is reinforced by timeless qualities of craftsmanship, service and style – attributes that are now available to a wider international John Lobb audience.

In 1982 the debut ready-to-wear collection was launched. In 1994, John Lobb opened its Northampton workshop, where today, the ready-to-wear line is designed and made by hand.

Shop the John Lobb collection here
Note: not all John Lobb shoes are made here. Their made-to-measure shoes are made in Paris.

Joseph Cheaney & Sons

UK shoe brand - Jospeh Cheaney & Sons Shoes
Joseph Cheaney

Joseph Cheaney established the company in 1886, and in 1896, along with his son Arthur, they moved to the site which the factory occupies today to become an enduring made in UK shoe brand.

During the first 80 years of business, the factory made shoes exclusively for some of the finest retailers around the world, branded to their individual company requirements. Cheaney's make all of their shoes in Northampton, including stitching all of the uppers in the UK

Shop the Joseph Cheaney collection here

NPS Solovair

NPS Solovair, british shoe brand
NPS Solovair

From small beginnings to the present day, NPS Shoes has lived a product defining history. Proud of their heritage and how over a century of experience in factory surroundings has shaped their outlook, processes and work ethic to make them a great example of UK-made shoes and British craftsmanship.

By combining over 130 years of traditional craftsmanship and tooling with the latest technology and materials, NPS continues to produce the finest quality footwear. To maintain their quality, their products will always be handmade from start (‘clicking’) to ‘finishing’ in the UK.

Shop the NPS Solovair collection here

Starchild Shoes

Starchild shoes, make in britain
Starchild Shoes

Starchild famous soft sole leather baby shoes and slippers are instantly recognizable, colourful and fun. Their toddler slippers are a hit too once your little one starts to walk!

The elasticated ankle keeps their socks on, can not be kicked off and ensures that the shoes really do stay on. Soft leather allows feet to breathe, move and grow naturally.

Each pair are lovingly hand made in England in a traditional shoe factory. They make appealing gifts and are much loved by adults as well as children.

Shop the Starchild Shoes collection here


UK shoe brand - Tricker's

As the longest established shoemaker in England, the year was 1829 when Joseph Tricker founded the company. Tricker’s boots and shoes for men combine traditional durability, practicality and sturdiness with a degree of understated elegance.

This British-made shoe brand's commitment to making shoes and boots of outstanding quality remains wholeheartedly consistent.

Tricker's footwear is made entirely from start to finish at their Northampton factory and, whilst manufacturing processes have changed over time, their craftsmen and women continue to follow traditional techniques.

Shop the Tricker's collection here

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