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Our Labour of Love is Local

It’s a factory in Yorkshire that’s been weaving blankets for 180 years. It’s 5 generations of shoemakers crafting footwear in Northampton. It’s a design studio in London stitching high street fashion that only travels the distance of a postcode to meet the shop floor it’s sold on. It’s over 100 years of fine bone china fired in the kilns of Stoke-on-Trent.

It’s proudly building brands in every village, town and city from John O’ Groats to Land’s End. It’s giving every proud creator in Britain a chance to Make it British.

Our story by Kate Hills founder of Make it British

Hello I'm Kate

Even as a little kid growing up in Essex I loved making things. From the age of twelve my heart was set on being a fashion designer. Straight out of art college, in the early nineties I launched my own brand - one of the UK's first ethical clothing companies. Making locally was a given back then.

Fast forward thirty years, via a couple of decades selling my soul to the devil (aka working for big brands churning out cr*p and leaving a stonking carbon footprint to boot), in 2008 I jacked it all in to set up Make it British and save our utterly stellar UK manufacturing.

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Kate Hills in a textile knitting factory

Matchmaking founders with factories to help people who want to make in the UK, connect with people who can make it for them.

Kate Hills

Our Mission

To Save our (utterly stellar) handcrafting skills.

To Support our (gloriously diverse) communities.

To Shine a (very bright but energy efficient) light on all-things-local.

Kate Hills founder of Make it British | Made in UK

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