Fillable Template

Range Plan Template

Use our template to draft up your range plan and get an idea for how much you will need to invest in stock.

Range Plan Template

Looking to Provide a Visual Representation of Your Collection?

With clear examples of what a range plan is and the detail it should contain.

Templates to draft your own range plan. With a formula spreadsheet to plan out your range.

Help to identify key metrics and factors that influence product planning, such as cost, lead time, and target audience, which can improve the accuracy of your final plan.

Ensure consistency over the whole of your current and future collections.

This tried and tested Range Plan Template will help you focus down on what products you will offer in your collection.

Industy Standard Range Plan Template

Range Plan Template Resource Make it British
  • An Example Range Plan
  • A Fillable Spreadsheet Range Plan Including Calculations
  • Plan out Your Range with our Done-For-You Template
  • Calculate Your Stock Cost

Start Planning Your Range

What's Included?


See what an example range plan looks like, the detail included and how to lay it out.


Use our template to draft your own range plan. Included is a formula spreadsheet to plan out your range.


Get advice and tips on what you should include in your range plan.

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"It's a great resource for people who are looking to start their UK manufacturing journey." Zoe Jeffery

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Who is the Range Plan Template For?

✅ If you're looking to create a new fashion, accessory or homeware range and don't want to overstretch yourself with too many product types and quantities.

✅ You want a ‘done-for-you’ range plan that includes the formulas you need to calculate the costs of your range.

✅ Take the guesswork out of your stock cost and adjust the number of styles in the range and the quantities of each to see how it affects your total stock cost.

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