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UK Manufacturers List

Find Clothing, Accessory & Textile Manufacturers, Suppliers & Services in the UK

UK Manufacturers List

Looking to Find a UK Manufacturer to Help Make Your Product in the UK?

Includes hundreds of UK manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who previously exhibited at our Make it British Live! tradeshow

Gain extra information such as MOQ's, machinery available, and lead times

Find contacts easily by sorting by category and capabilities through our simple to use spreadsheet which can be viewed on both desktop and mobile

Contact and compare the services and prices of a wide range of UK manufacturers and suppliers who we trust

This trusted manufacturers list is a go-to resource for start-ups, established businesses and retail buyers the world over.

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“For months we were researching into whether or not to purchase this directory. In retrospect it should have taken us seconds not months to decide to purchase this list. For this directory is a business necessity for anyone wishing to showcase British craftsmanship to the world! An asset worth every penny." John George Great Britain

Our Black Book of UK Manufacturers

UK Manufacturers List Make it British on Laptop
  • 100's of UK Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service Providers
  • Interactive List Vieweable on all Device Formats
  • Extra Information Including MOQ's and Lead Times
  • Direct Contact Information
  • Search By Location to Find Manufacturers Local to You

What Type of Manufacturers are Included?



Children's Clothing


Underwear & Lingerie




T-shirts & Sweatshirts

Bags & Small Leathergoods

Hats, Gloves & Scarves

Fabric Mills

Fabric Dyers & Finishers

Soft Furnishings

Printing & Embroidery

Machinery Suppliers

Labels & Packaging

Trims, Buttons & Zips

Don't see the type of manufacturer you're looking for? Get in touch to ask us and we'll let you know if they're in there!

Chloe Davies, Davell London

"The manufacturers list has been a fantastic tool to search for all my manufacturing needs. The content has been invaluable to me, thank you very much. It’s a definite must purchase.' Chloe Davies, Davell London

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Who is the UK Manufacturers List For?

✅ The Make it British UK Manufacturers Guide is for anyone who wants to make clothing, accessories or homeware in the UK.

✅ Want to find a UK manufacturer to help you launch your new clothing brand?

✅ If you're looking for a manufacturer with low MOQs or a factory that is located near to you you'll find them in this guide.

Finding a manufacturer for your new product line can be a tough job - many manufacturers don't advertise or have websites, making it very hard to find the right one to help you.

✅ This manufacturers guide makes it easy to compare services from a wide range of suitable clothing, accessory and textile manufacturers. 

Key Features of the UK Manufacturers List

Just some of the ways you can filter your search

UK manufacturers list sort by category

Search By Category

UK Manufacturers List low MOQs

Factories With Low MOQ's

UK Manufacturers List Start-Ups

Work With Start-Ups

Manufacturers List audits

Ethical Manufacturers

Manufacturers List Machinery

Types of Machinery

UK Manufacturers List Specialisms

Factory Specialisms

Make in British Founder Kate Hills | Made in UK

Hello, I'm Kate

I’ve been passionate about UK manufacturing ever since I had my own recycled clothing company and micro-factory in the early '90s! After 20 years as a designer and buyer developing products all over the world, I launched Make it British to support creative business founders that want to make locally.

Over the last ten years, I've helped 1,000s of businesses to work with UK manufacturers. Now it's your turn!

Richard Oxley

"Excellent. Most useful thing about the guide is all contacts emails, telephone numbers in one place etc. Lots and lots of suppliers, it's great!" Richard Oxley, Oxley Official

Genuine UK-Made Brands We've Helped

Brant Richards, HebTroCo Manufacturing Testimonial Make it British
Brant Richards, HebTroCo, Make it British Kate Hills Work with Me Testimonial
Katya Wildman, Bombshell London, Manufacturing Testimonial Make it British
Bombshell - Katya Wildman, Make it British Manufacturing Testimonial
SOMA Sportswear, Chris Kyriacou, Manufacturing Testimonial Make it British
SOMA Sportswear Chris Kyriacou Make it British Work With me Testimonial
Rosie Macpherson, Where's Winnie, Manufacturing Testimonial Make it British
Rosie Macpherson - Where's Winnie, Make it British Manufacturing Testimonial

Get Your UK-made Brand Off To a Great Start!

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