Best of British Adaptive Clothing and Accessible Products

In a world where everyone is different, it’s so important that brands create clothing and products that can be adapted to different body types and needs!

Adaptive clothing and accessible product brands are making it easier for everyone to find stylish, comfortable clothing and products that meet their specific needs. From wheelchair-friendly clothing to disability aids, there are UK brands leading the way when it comes to providing options for those with physical and/or mental impairments. Here is our list of the best adaptive clothing and accessible product brands who are all making in the UK.

Adaptive Clothing Brands

Bealies Adaptive Wear

Bealies Adaptive Wear Adaptive clothing brand

Offering adaptive clothing for wheelchair users, Bealies Adaptive Wear was created by Caron Mcluckie whose son suffered a spinal cord stroke in 2016 and struggled to find comfortable clothing that fit. With options for both children and adults, Bealies joggers are a great option for those with physical disabilities.

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The Able Label

The Able Label UK-made adaptive clothing brand

The Able Label provides quality, stylish clothes with adapted designs and hidden extras that make self-dressing easier for those with dressing difficulties. The range has been designed to help with a variety of physical and cognitive needs and also aims to encourage self-confidence and independence.

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Limon Attire

Limon Attire clothing protectors made in the UK

Limon Attire® provides beautiful garments to help maintain the dignity, identity, and individuality of those living with dementia whilst also removing some of the stress from their carers’ lives. The Dining drApron® is specifically designed to protect the wearer’s clothes whilst eating, and the NeverNaked™ Shower and Drying Draprons® help during showering and drying.

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Able2Wear UK UK-made adaptive clothing brand

At Able2Wear, they’re proud to call themselves the UK’s leading supplier of wheelchair clothing and adaptive clothing, working closely with wheelchair users, carers, and professionals for over 25 years to develop a range of disabled clothing to meet specialist needs.

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Hewinson UK-made jeans for wheelchair users

At Hewinson, their passion is their mission: to create fashion-forward clothing uniquely designed for wheelchair users, as functional as it is comfortable. Hewinson marries fashion with function for wheelchair users, launching with their very first collection of Hewinson original jeans in classic stonewash denim, as well as their ultra-soft trackies.

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Accessible Products Brands

Pouch For All

Pouch For All accessible products made in the UK

Pouch For All produces handcrafted designer pouches and cases to brighten up diabetic and Parkinson’s disease aids. Their pouches are contemporary, bright, fashionable, practical, and comfortable. Suitable for Insulin Pumps, APO-go®, CGM Monitors, Armbands for Sensors, Blood Glucose Test Kits & Insulin Injection Pens. Pouches for adults, children, babies & teens.

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Putnams Health

Putnams Health Sleep Apnoea Pillows made in the UK

Putnams design and manufacture health and comfort solutions including pillows, back rests, acid reflux pillows, CPAP accessories & other home items. Their CPAP (Sleep Apnoea) pillows are made in Britain to use in conjunction with your breathing machine / mask. The handy cut outs reduce mask pressure and mask leaks whilst using your CPAP / BIPAP machine at night.

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Active Hands

Active Hands accessible products made in the UK

Active Hands is a small family-owned business based in Earlswood, Solihull. They manufacture high-quality disability gripping aids for those with disabilities affecting their grip, such as spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, and more.

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Kids Fingers and Thumbs

Kids Fingers and Thumbs accessible products made in the UK

Helping children, young teenagers, and adults who suffer from body-focused repetitive behaviour and who might be struggling with skin picking or trich. Kids Fingers and Thumbs are a family-run business creating protection gloves and guards. They also offer tailor-made options for post-surgery and to help with treating eczema.

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