Top 15 made in the UK jewellery makers

Discover our curated top 15 made in UK jewellery makers. We’ve selected a range of brands in various styles and budgets, from bespoke fine jewellery to statement costume jewellery pieces, all made in the UK.

If you’re after a piece of jewellery for that special event or just as a treat to yourself, there is no need to look any further than home crafted. The UK is full of creativity and craftsmanship and we produce some beautifully designed and made jewellery. So if you’re looking for a bold statement necklace or a fine diamond ring, something off the shelf or custom made, you can find it here.

Fruitbat Textiles

Fruitbat Textiles, hand woven accessories, hand woven bangles, organic accessories, sustainable fashion, sustainable accessory, fabric
Fruitbat Textiles

Award winning hand weaver and maker of luxury, hand crafted accessories. Their bangle UK made jewellery are one of the products they make to help reduce waste fabric. A really stylish and unique way to add some of their stunning hand crafted fabric to your outfit all year round!

The bangles themselves can be adjusted to fit you, available in both antique gold and silver colours. All with a little bit of their hand dyed and woven British wool fabrics.

Christopher Wharton Goldsmith

Christopher Wharton Goldsmith, bespoke rings, handmade wedding rings, luxury accessories, unique designs, womens rings, mens rings, engagement rings
Christopher Wharton Goldsmith

Master UK jewellery makers creating beautiful original engagement ring, wedding ring, earring and bracelet designs. Buying a Christopher Wharton design is your assurance of individuality as all of their designs are unique to them.

Manufactured in their own workshop in St Albans, UK, quality and high experience is of the highest priority; every piece is produced by highly trained goldsmiths.

Perkins & Morley

Perkins & Morley UK made wooden brooches, sustainable accessories, wildlife accessories, animal lover gifts, home-wares, accessory gifts
Perkins & Morley

Design duo Jill Perkins & Jan Morley – two women who produce different, unique designs and have a passion for cards, gifts and home-wares that celebrate nature, wildlife and our landscape.

They’ve turned some of their favourite characters into fabulous wooden brooch jewellery which are all proudly made in the UK.


Odissa handmade jewellery, bespoke rings, bespoke earrings, handmade products, modern accessories, unique accessories, british designers

A marketplace of online jewellery, arts and crafts shops catering for the growth in fine handmade products and brings you the best of thoughtfully curated modern creative workmanship.

A way for jewellery makers to have a platform to sell designer, made in UK jewellery, showcase their products and help to maintain and grow the British jewellery making industry.


Gemstoneriver, bespoke accessories, street fashion, handcrafted accessories, bridal accessories, memorable accessories,

Gemstoneriver® create handmade & bespoke, glamorous & street fashion UK made jewellery for all occasions.

Glam up effortlessly with Gemstoneriver® for uniquely handcrafted, bespoke jewellery pieces at affordable prices. With high quality materials and in-house rigorous quality assurance, they’ve been providing brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, and all with memorable jewellery pieces since 2012. All of their glamorous jewellery pieces and accessories are handmade in London, UK.


MMsZ British made jewellery, leather jewellery, handmade in london, handcrafted in britain, stylish bracelet jewellery, colourful jewellery,

MMzS pieces are all about adding colour and sparkle to an outfit – they are not to be kept in the vault but are to be worn and loved for many years!

Their Jewellery Design pieces are designed and UK made by an experienced jeweller and a very skilled leather craftsman. The metal pieces are hallmarked by the London Assay Office, the leather pieces are embossed with the ‘MMzS’ logo.

David Law ‘your personal jeweller’

David Law, bespoke wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings, wedding earrings, wedding accessories, personalised accessories, personalised rings
David Law ‘your personal jeweller’

Specialising in creating bespoke, UK made jewellery and offering an individually personalised buying experience.

Whether you are looking to create a bespoke engagement ring, matching wedding bands, eternity rings, pendants, earrings and more, when you work with David Law he can design and make them for you.

Form Bespoke

Form Bespoke, fine jewellers, diamond accessories, jewellery makers, engagement rings, wedding accessories, platinum accessories
Form Bespoke

Form Bespoke Jewellers are a multi award winning fine jewellers, specialising in bespoke engagement rings and wedding rings. With a combined experience of over 60 years in the jewellery industry, their Yorkshire team are experts in working with platinum, 18 carat gold, diamonds and precious gems.

They are highly recommended for their friendly customer service, high quality and expert British craftsmanship.


Annie Haak Designs, uk made, jewellery makers, made in the uk, bracelets, handcrafted

From the kitchen table of a cottage to the height of jewellery cool, Annie Haak Designs has grown exponentially as a business and by reputation amongst its trade partners and ever-increasing wearers of an enchanting range of bracelets, necklaces, rings and stacks.

All of Annie’s designs carry special meaning to the creator which is relayed by way of mantras or symbols representing luck, love, protection, strength and wellbeing.

Pretty Wild Jewellery

Pretty Wild Jewellery, niche design,  fantasy accessories, edgy fashion, womens accessories, shop small, shop local
Pretty Wild Jewellery

Produced for the creative individual who loves to be unique. The woman behind the brand is Donna Maria Lynn, a dreamer who believes in magic and fairy tales, looking up to nature for her inspirations.

Their beautifully unique pieces are lovingly handmade in the North East of the UK, in their workshop on a working farm.

Jeweller’s Loupe

Jeweller's Loupe, ethical accessories, british craftsmanship, heritage, gemstone rings, luxury rings, award winning jewellers, sustainable jewellery
Jeweller’s Loupe

Their expert jewellers have over 60 years of experience in the British jewellery industry. Working with the likes of Harrods, Marks and Spencer and Odgen of Harrogate, their jewellers have mastered their craft and are now creating great British jewellery just for you.

Centuries of jewellery craftsmanship heritage in the UK has preceded Jeweller’s Loupe. Proud to be keeping this creative spark and ancient craft alive and are committed to playing their part in supporting British manufacturing.

Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine, statement accessories, statement pieces, bright accessories, fun accessories, resin, perspex, edgy, womens accessories
Tatty Devine

The worlds go-to brand for original and fun statement UK made jewellery! Born in 1999 in the heart of East London by founders Harriet and Rosie. Not long after they achieved a cult following with fans that are still standing with them almost 20 years later.

All Tatty Devine jewellery is designed and handmade in-house by a small, skilled team of makers with a passion for perspex. They work hard to ensure that every piece boasts the quality and unique stamp that’s become synonymous with the label.

We hope you enjoyed this article on UK-made jewellery. If you have any suggestions for British-made jewellery brands, or if you’re a jeweller yourself and making in the UK, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below.

1 thought on “Top 15 made in the UK jewellery makers”

  1. Hi Kate

    Thank you for the artical on my trade that I love and am so passionate about.

    ( Personally ) especially on how well the precious metal mount is crafted and finished , something that one does not normally hear/ reads about , it is normally the stone qualities Tv / internet drone on about …

    but you can pop a rearly nice stone in a shabby ,badly finished precious metal mount . take it from me I have seen some lovey stones in some diabolical precious metal mounts

    We need to support British designer maker Jewellers / goldsmiths / Platinumsmiths

    I have been making on the bench for 37 years ( 1983 what a summer to start in my trade ! ) creating Bespoke one off items as well as facilitating re-modelling clients items into new items they like to wear once they are re-mounted into a pleasing / modern design .

    Have you heard ………..Gold hit a new record high this month????

    Gold is actually 22% higher in price compared to 6 months ago !

    Not good for us jewellers as we all come out of lockdown and the majority of our raw material prices have gone through the roof !

    But on a positive note ………

    Platinum is actually looking cheap these days as 18ct white gold is currently more expensive than platinum !

    And platinum is harder wearing , naturally white in colour and 30% rarer than gold too .

    Keep smiling in this covid-19 world we all find ourselves living in !


    Stay safe too

    Kind regards

    Ian Hall

    Lasting Impressions Bespoke Goldsmiths / Platinumsmiths

    Bovey Tracey
    01626 833177

    loved your pod cast / visit to the queens button maker that I listened to a while back , right close to where I gained my skills in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter in the 1980’s / 1990’s

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