Top 10 Made in UK Ceramics brands

We bring you our top 10 British Ceramicists and Potters.

Ceramics can really add individuality and art to your home and this article gives you a vast range of options from tableware, vases and sculptures all made in Britain. So whether you are looking for your next tea/coffee mug or wanting something special to commemorate an achievement, our list of Top 10 Made in UK ceramics brands will sure be able to inspire your next purchase.

The Art Rooms

The Art Rooms ceramics
The Art Rooms

Founded in 2008 by designer Jacky Al-Samarraie. Jacky’s unique signature design of silhouette and vibrant colour blocks have been inspired by her travels around Britain. Jacky is particularly interested in rural & city landscapes. She has applied her simple yet recognisable style to a varied collection of luxury lifestyle products including prints, stationery, mugs, cushions, chopping boards, placemats & coasters.

The Serenity Landscape Collection, which is wholly made in the UK, features prints of the gentle image of trees in silhouette combined with a variety of bright contrasting colours.


Blighty's decorative pottery gifts

British family gift shop, Blighty’s offers a range of decorative pottery gifts all made in the UK by individual makers. These new baby and baby boy ceramic gifts are made by Broadlands Pottery.

Each item is handmade and hand finished to a very high standard and made with love and care. Broadlands Pottery work from a studio that they’ve had converted in the home of founder Cheryl in rural Gloucestershire and over the last 4 years they have expanded into a thriving business.


Cazamic sculpture artist, made in uk ceramics brands

Carolyn Clayton is a ceramic sculpture artist based in Shropshire, England. An expert flower maker she hand-makes unique ‘flower people’ sculptures in either parian or porcelain clay. Her skill has evolved from her love of nature and demonstrating the old technique of bone china flower making at Coalport China Museum.

She also creates flower wall art. Unique gift ideas and commissions available.

Charlotte Noar

Charlotte Noar Ceramics
Charlotte Noar

Charlotte Noar is an artist based in Kent, UK, making floral silkscreen prints by hand from her garden studio. Inspired by English gardens and flowers – and one garden in particular, her beloved childhood home in Kent. Her prints are joyful, colourful and contemporary and each one features a different English garden flower.

After finding a pottery in Stoke who are one of the last to make 100% British fine bone china, Charlotte naturally made the progression to create her own range of garden inspired mugs.

Duchess China

Duchess China
Duchess China

Duchess China 1888 are one of the few true remaining British Manufacturers of bespoke fine bone china tableware, teaware and giftware. Duchess is steeped in its rich heritage of over 130 years of trading based in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent the heart of the ‘Potteries’. Duchess offer an unrivalled British manufactured fine bone china product with the in-house ability to create truly elegant bespoke pieces and shapes to suit our customer’s exacting design criteria.


Keeeps Ceramics

Keeeps curates a collection of pottery that is crafted by real working potters mainly from the UK, both emerging designers and established ceramicists. All the pieces are hand-picked by founder Tamra Booth who travels around the country visiting studios and curating pottery. Each piece of pottery sourced by Keeeps is beautiful, some of it quite fun, and most of it, perfect for gifts. All of it is lovingly made and, importantly, handmade and unique.


Denby Pottery ceramics brands
Denby Pottery

Combining heritage and high quality since 1809, Denby are a made in UK ceramics brand offer beautiful tableware, cookware and serveware.

When you buy Denby you’re choosing items with purpose and soul: hand-crafted, considered and made-to-last pieces that are truly a conscious choice. Their ceramics and homewares are not just for the kitchen – enjoy them around the home to add style as well as function to any room.

Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater ceramics
Emma Bridgewater

Launched in 1985, after Emma Bridgewater tried and failed to find a birthday present for her mum, her eponymous brand is famous for its warm, decorative British heartland style. Emma believes that everyday kitchen china sits right at the heart of our lives, and that each cup, bowl, jug, and plate holds our personal stories, reflecting shared moments and stories. All pottery is made in Stoke on Trent, the home of British ceramics.

Heraldic Pottery

Heraldic Pottery ceramics made in UK
Heraldic Pottery

Heraldic Pottery is the UK’s first choice in the manufacturing, design and printing of promotional and commemorative Pottery. They specialise in Hotelware, Mail Order Ceramics, Ceramics for Retail Trade, Contract Decorating and more. Their experienced and dedicated staff can guide you through the whole process of your order, from start to finish with limited fuss, from their 20,000 square foot manufacturing unit in the heart of the Ceramic Industry in Stoke-on-Trent.

We hope you enjoyed this article on made in UK ceramics brands. Do you make ceramics in the UK or have a suggestion of a brand that does? Let us know in the comments.

26 thoughts on “Top 10 Made in UK Ceramics brands”

  1. Miss Jan Manderson

    I live in North London (N19). I wish to buy a ceramic shelf for my bathroom (corner above cystern).
    Pref white or off-white/vanilla/very pale grey with rounded outer edge right side.
    Ideal (and max) size: depth 6″ or 7″ x 20″.

    Have tried so many shops/stores, nothing like what i want available. A man in one shop said he knew exactly what i meant, they used to sell them, were lovely ceramic shelves made in Britain but can’t get them any more; also people just buy the foreign made cheap stuff nowadays.
    My point exactly!
    I do not and will not.
    Hopefully one of your ceramics companies can help me or advice where i might buy my shelf please.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello dear friend
    We have a company by the name GSB from Iran by the management MR Mahdi Mahmoudi.
    We have a factory about traditional ceramic handily work.
    We are producer for any designing on the ceramic and tiles (everything by every color that you want).
    Also its 17 years we have professional working on restoration of monuments and repair old buildings and places.
    We can have exchange about your projects we can Product traditional tail and ceramics in Iran and send to every country and we can to give and work all your traditional works as such as brick for building facade and tails works.
    If you want , we will send you our documents / proofs and photos of our work and projects.

    Best regard
    GSB CO

  3. Hi im looking for information and value of a round earthenware mid size pot. With Pottery by Lillian Bolton or Bolion on the bottom with a code also on bottom of E40. I believe it uk, cheers Dave

  4. Hi im looking for information and value of a green and yellow round earthenware mid size pot. With Pottery by Lillian Bolton or Bolion on the bottom with a code also on bottom of E40. I believe it uk, cheers Dave

  5. I wonder if anyone could recommend a pottery that could make salt inhalers/pipes in the UK please I currently have them made by Wade Ceramics and am surprised to not see them in the top 25.
    I’m just about to pay for a new design sample.
    Hope someone can help. Thanks Tony

    1. Hi

      I saw your comment requiring a salt inhaler.
      We make a form of smoking pipe, so we might be of interest. We are based in Stoke on Trent.

  6. I was a pottery figure maker from 1985-2000 at John Beswicks. Is anyone still making ceramic wildlife figures, horses, birds, dogs, cattle etc ?
    I’d love to get back into working in this industry but can’t seem to find anywhere that produces it.

    1. Hello

      I saw your comment on figure modelling. We are re opening part of an old Stoke factory.

      Please contact me for a chat.

  7. Pamela Ruddock

    I’m looking for decorative ceramic light switch covers, 3.5 inches, (95mm) square, does anyone know of a maker in the UK? Thanks.

  8. UK ceramics manufacture is now all but dead in the UK.
    This is largely due to the intentional ineptitude of our so called government whose agenda is always greater centralisation. Brexit is antithetical wrt centralisation hence the difficulty that the ceramics industry now faces with zero tarrif proposals.
    Most are beguiled into believing that democracy is seperate to socialism when the facts that are and have been continually bourne out demonstrate the continual erosion of our freedom as centralisation is further consolidated.

    1. I really have to disagree with your comment about UK pottery manufacture being virtually dead. Stoke on Trent pottery are alive and well and are still viewed as the best in the world. For sure, the industry has changed. Many of the big names of old no longer exist, Royal Dolton and Wedgwood have much to answer for and are now just a shadow of their former self. But the industry still employs many thousands in both direct production of ceramics of all sorts and the support industry’s that service them. Steelite, Churchill China, Portmierion/Spode, Emma Bridgwater, Duchess China, Burleigh, the list goes on and on. It annoys me intensely when asking some retailers, do you have any UK pottery?, to be answered with, sorry but non is made in this country any more. Some are genuinely surprised when I correct them. Please open your eyes and your mind. Our UK pottery are alive and well and vibrant beyond measure.

      1. I stumbled on this by accident when scrolling through the Internet re pottery and I was shocked to see the comment saying the ceramic industry is all but dead in the UK. Thank goodness for your reply putting this person right about the our industry still creating and thriving in Stoke On Trent. As you say not as it was before but still strong with many smaller studio potters still producing as well as the bigger potteries. The Great British Pottery Throw Down is filmed here and there’s are a host of potteries like ourselves open to the public. Thank you for spreading the word Stoke On Trent us the ceramics capital of the world. It is still leading the way. Anita from Anita Harris Art Pottery

      2. We recently purchased a Port Meirion 12 place setting dinner set only to find that it was made in Sri Lanka by Dankatouwa PLC. Pleased with the quality but disappointed to find it was not UK made.

  9. Hello

    Does anyone know a UK company that still manufactures miniature houses ?

    I have inherited a few from an Aunt and would like to see if I could build a Collection?

    Thanks in advance


  10. I am looking for a small China manufacturing business in Stoke on Trent to produce quality figures busts etc in small batches . If you are possibly interested or know of someone who may be please reply in confidence ,

  11. Hi All,
    I am looking for a China manufacturing business in UK that can mass produce Eternal beau salt and pepper shakers for me at a reasonable price- around 200 pieces.

    Can anyone help?

    contact me at gnmarcie@yahoo.com.

    thank you.

  12. Agree with many of these, but there are more that I know of which should be in the top 25. I’m manager of a ceramics cooperative shop in Bristol, which has been running for 24 years (I, myself, am a glassblower). Many of the members we have, and Guest Potters I’ve organised are worthy of this list. Hopefully I will make the blown glass list if there is one. Haha.

  13. I am looking for a pottery company to manufacture a few different design for my store.

    Anyone know where I can make some contact to pursue this?

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