Best Made in Britain Platinum Jubilee Products

Commemorate this momentous occasion and pick up a truly British gift worthy of our monarch. All of the best Platinum Jubilee merchandise is made in Britain!

With the Queen's Royal Jubilee Bank Holiday coming up, we expect many street parties to be happening up and down the country, and what better way to celebrate than by turning up in entirely British-made attire or decorating your home in red, white, and blue?

Here at Make it British, we have searched high and low, amongst all of the faux-British paraphernalia, to bring you the most fabulous Platinum Jubilee products that are actually made in the UK.

Platinum Jubilee Clothing and Accessories

Dress yourself in head-to-toe red, white, and blue with this range of authentic British Platinum Jubilee products.

INCE Umbrellas

British-made Queen's Platinum Jubilee products from Ince Umbrellas
Union Jack Double Cover Umbrella from INCE Umbrellas

Be prepared for whatever the weather may be with this British-made, sturdy Union Jack Folding Umbrella from INCE Umbrellas. Lovingly made and handcrafted in their factory workshop in East London using traditional skills acquired over time since 1805.

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Waring Brooke

British-made Queen's Jubilee clothing from Waring Brooke
Jubilee Eclipse Pencil Skirt from Waring Brooke

Made from luxury Merino Wool and cotton blend, this Jubilee Eclipse Pencil Skirt from Waring Brooke will make you feel like a racing queen, styled in a Union Jack inspired pattern.

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Maude & Fox

British-made Queen's Platinum Jubilee products from Maude & Fox
The Patriot Cap from Maude & Fox

This head-turner of a cap is a cracking accessory from Maude & Fox. The Patriot Cap is made from British tweed, sports an eye-catching Union Jack in red appliqué, and is fully lined for comfort.

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British-made Queen's Jubilee clothing from Maquien
Chloe British Blue Waistcoat from Maquien

This Chloe Blue Waistcoat from Maquien with Red Trim is a very British waistcoat. With its' beautiful navy velvet top collar and quilted red lining, this waistcoat can be worn anytime, for a perfect layer in unpredictable weather!

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British-made Platinum Jubilee products for children and adults by Britannical
College Scarf - Mod Stripes from Britannical

A nod to Britain's vibrant youth culture of the 1960s, Britannical's College Scarves are made using fine strips of British lambswool cloth and are lined in super soft fleece. Suitable for ages from 2 years (but can easily be 'borrowed' by grown ups!)

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Blue Eyes Bow Ties

British-made Queen's Platinum Jubilee Themed Attire and Accessories from Blue Eyes Bow Ties
Union Jack Bow Tie from Blue Eyes Bow Ties

A very funky bow tie with a Union Jack flag design. Perfect for a royal occasion or a good old British knees-up!

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Tatty Devine

UK-made Platinum Jubilee products by Tatty Devine
Jubilee Bunting Necklace from Tatty Devine

Street parties, delicious desserts, and Tatty Devine's Jubilee Bunting Necklace in Recycled Red, White, and Blue. Designed and handmade in Britain, this six-flag bunting is laser cut from recycled acrylic and Jubilee-etched on the reverse of each red flag.

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NPS Solovair

British-made Queen's Jubilee Themed Attire from NPS Solovair
Union Jack Gibson Shoe from NPS Solovair

Strut around in these truly authentic British-made Union Jack Gibson Shoes from NPS Solovair to express your patriotism.

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Laslett England

UK-made Jubilee Accessories by Laslett England
Riviera Cruise Diamond Silk Scarf by Laslett England

A striking silk scarf that can be worn as a neck or head scarf. The Riviera Cruise Diamond Scarf from Laslett England will make you feel like one of the royal party.

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Roundabout Childrenswear

UK-made Queen's Jubilee Children's Outfits by Roundabout Childrenswear
Reversible Jubilee Dress from Roundabout Childrenswear

Celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in style by wearing this gorgeous cotton pinafore dress. A fun pattern of pageantry, including the Queen's golden carriage, which shimmers with a shiny metallic finish. You'll be the smartest one at the party!

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Geoff Stocker

UK-made Queen's Platinum Jubilee products by Geoff Stocker
The Regent Pocket Square from Geoff Stocker

Feel as glam as the Queen with the Regent pocket square from Geoff Stocker, adorned with gold lines over rich regal colours to celebrate the monarch's long reign.

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Lola Starr

Platinum Jubilee fitness leggings from Lola Starr
Jubilee Fitness Set from Lola Starr

To mark the Queen's special anniversary, Lola Starr has designed a special limited edition Jubilee activewear set for children (adults set to come soon!) You'll also receive a free scrunchie with every Jubilee purchase.

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Platinum Jubilee Products and Merchandise

Only the best for royalty; adorn your home with only the best Platinum Jubilee products made in Britain.

Waring Brooke

Union Jack Blanket from Waring Brooke
The Union Jack Blanket from Waring Brooke

This Patriotic Cotton blend throw celebrates everything British. A British design, British made and British quality. These blankets can also be personalised as a momento to remember forever.

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Red Dragon Flagmakers

Union Jack Queen's Platinum Jubilee Flags and Bunting by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Queen's Platinum Jubilee Union Jack Flag and Bunting from Red Dragon Flagmakers

What's a street party without flags and bunting? Red Dragon Flagmakers' made to order Union Jack flags are made to last much longer than their economy versions that aren't made in Britain!

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Jacwicks Designs

Union Jack Queen's Platinum Jubilee products by Jacwicks Designs
Union Jack Pocket Perch from Jacwicks Designs

The Pocket Perch from Jacwicks Designs is an innovative product to take with you for a picnic, street party, or to watch celebrations, or even wave at a parade!

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Emma Bridgewater

Union Jack Queen's Platinum Jubilee Homeware by Emma Bridgewater
Platinum Jubilee Collection from Emma Bridgewater

Shop the collectable royal-themed souvenirs and street party tableware from Emma Bridgewater. With limited edition Platinum Jubilee mugs, Union Jack mugs, tea towels and cake tins to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 70th year on the throne.

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Fortnum & Mason

Union Jack Queen's Platinum Jubilee products by Fortnum & Mason
Platinum Jubilee Collection from Fortnum & Mason

From commemorative teaware and toast-worthy bottles to exclusive memorabilia, scrumptious sweet treats and glorious hampers – celebrate the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend with a little something from Fortnum's.

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Our list doesn't end here - if you offer or know a brand that sells authentic British-made Platinum Jubilee products, please let us know in the comments below.