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150 – 11 trends for 2021 and beyond

What will 2021 hold for businesses that make in the UK?

In the last episode of 2020, and the last of series two, I look at some of the trends that I think will impact businesses that make in the UK in the coming 12 months.

Listen to this episode to hear my predictions – and let me know if you think I’ve missed anything out!

Here are my 11 trends for UK manufacturing and British-made brands in 2021:

  1. From Global to Local
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  2. The Brexit Effect
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  3. Sustainability
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  4. A Nation of Online Shopkeepers
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  5. Micro-factories
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  6. Make-on-Demand
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  7. Making Fashion Circular
  8. The Decline of Fast Fashion
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  9. Make Do and Mend
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  10. Skills
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  11. Authenticity
    Being authentic is the way to be in 2021 !


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