Why reshoring is more cost-effective – Rob Law MBE, Trunki

The Trunki needs little introduction; since its invention in 2006 over 4 million of the animal-shaped ride-on suitcases have been sold and it has become a design classic.

What many people don’t know is that the majority of the Trunkis have been made in the UK since 2012.

Rob Law MBE is the founder of Trunki. He was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease which killed his twin sister at the age of 15.

Rob’s illness, and the death of his sister, played a large part in his determination to make the absolute most of his life, and it is this determination that I am sure has helped to contribute a lot to the success of Trunki.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

– Rob’s background and design education

– How the design of the Trunki came about

– The false start the company had and how Rob overcame it

– The challenges that Trunki had with manufacturing in China

– Why Rob decided to reshore the production of the Trunki to the UK

– The Trunki’s infamous Dragon’s Den appearance

– The importance of design and understanding your customer

– Why you should iterate your ideas

– How a mentor helped him learn essential business and leadership skills

– The challenges of running your own factory

About Trunki

Trunki Website

65 Roses and a Trunki: Defying the Odds in Life and Business – Rob’s Book

I’d highly recommend reading Rob’s inspiring book.
It’s an amazing story, particularly inspiring if you are interested in UK manufacturing, which I know you are if you are listening to this podcast 🙂

Magma Moulding– The Trunki factory

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