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Manufacturing on-demand in a micro knitwear factory – Samantha Brooke, Waring Brooke

Samantha Brooke is a knitwear designer who has worked in Italy for Alberta Ferretti, and in China for a mass-produced knitwear brand.

She created her own micro knitting factory in rural Nottinghamshire three years ago producing personalised accessories and knitted dog products.

Samantha is a great example of a small brand that is rapidly growing her business by giving the customer exactly what they want.

What you’ll discover:

– How she found her niche and pivoted her business

– The joy of running your own micro factory

– Why making to order is a good business model for small businesses

– Advice for anyone setting up a product business

– How she uses Instagram to promote her business

About Waring Brooke

Waring Brooke website

Waring Brooke on Instagram

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