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141 – How to darn socks…and other ways to have a more sustainable wardrobe – Emma Mathews, Socko

How to darn socks - Emma Mathews, Socko. The sustainable sock brand

Emma Mathews is the founder of sustainable sock brand Socko and the author of ‘How to quit fast fashion; 100 expert tips for a sustainable wardrobe’

In this episode, she talks about how she went from a career in advertising to launching a sock business, and why we should all learn the lost art of darning socks.


– How Emma found her manufacturer and learnt the process of industrial sock manufacturing

– Why the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own

– Why we should all learn the lost art of darning

– How to darn your socks – it’s a lot easier than you think!

– How socks fit into the circular economy

More about Emma


Emma’s book –  How to quit fast fashion: 100 expert tips for a sustainable wardrobe

Darning workshops

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