150 – 11 trends for 2021 and beyond

What will 2021 hold for businesses that make in the UK?

In the last episode of 2020, and the last of series two, I look at some of the trends that I think will impact businesses that make in the UK in the coming 12 months.

Listen to this episode to hear my predictions – and let me know if you think I’ve missed anything out!

Here are my 11 trends for UK manufacturing and British-made brands in 2021:

  1. From Global to Local 128, Rob Law MBE, Trunki 122, Maria Grachvogel
  2. The Brexit Effect 104, Tamara Cincik, Fashion Roundtable
  3. Sustainability 140, Christopher Nieper OBE, David Nieper 106, Nick Morley, Faering
  4. A Nation of Online Shopkeepers 147, Catherine Erdly, Resilient Retail Club
  5. Micro-factories 129, Samantha Brook, Waring Brook 142, Julie Deane, Cambridge Satchel
  6. Make-on-Demand 137, Kornit Digital and Gerber Technology 
  7. Making Fashion Circular
  8. The Decline of Fast Fashion 125, Dominique Muller, Labour Behind the Label 130, Calculating Cost per Wear
  9. Make Do and Mend 141, Emma Mathews, Socko
  10. Skills 104, Tamara Cincik, Fashion Roundtable
  11. Authenticity Being authentic is the way to be in 2021 😊

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