Make it British logo has a brand new look!

We’ve rebranded to reflect the growing mix of Make it British members and to give us a new modern look

make it british logo
The new Make it British logo

When I launched Make it British nearly six years ago, it was mainly about fashion and textiles, so it was apt that the Make it British logo had a cotton reel in it. Since then our focus has changed a bit and the Make it British campaign now embraces a much wider range of manufacturing and British-made brands. So we felt it was time for a change.

make it british logoWe appointed Lythgoe Studio to develop a brand new look for us – something that was bold and modern, and that represented quality, British design. We toyed with the idea of having a Union Jack in it, but in the end we decided that the red, white and blue flag had been well over-used of late.

Stuart Lythgoe, creative director at Lythgoe Studio, says his aim with the Make it British logo was “to create a simple typographic execution which allowed the brand to be easily identifiable…whilst retaining the essence of the Make it British ethos – supporting British brands and UK manufacturing.”

PrintWe’re pretty pleased with the result, and the new cleaner logo now means that it is much easier for our members to use it on their websites, no matter what type of product they make.

The new Make it British logo

the new make it british logo

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4 thoughts on “Make it British logo has a brand new look!”

  1. Hi Kate

    Yep, looks good and is very versatile. Do we click and save an image from this page or have Lythgoe produced an online corporate style guide that can be accessed for future use?

    Also, are there any guidelines as to which version of the logo should be used in any particular circumstance?

    However, as a fashion company, the existing logo does sit well on our home page, will it need to be changed?

  2. Hi Kate

    Love the new logo. Looks more contemporary. Think the old logo is tired. A little suggestion: would it be possible to have a donwloadable badge so brand owners and retailers (representing English brands of course) can upload or display during the BuyBritishDay period?

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