BooHoo’s Made in UK Scam

In the world of clothing, various studies have shown that a “Made in the UK” label can be of great value to a brand. It symbolises quality, craftsmanship, and a commitment to ethical practices. However, recent events at BooHoo have cast a dark shadow over what constitutes “Made in UK” and brought British manufacturing into disrepute.

‘Made in UK’ Controversy

Recent news has exposed BooHoo as secretly relabelling clothes from overseas as “Made in the UK.” 

BooHoo’s sneaky scheme involved importing garments and then allegedly printing on them in the UK, and claiming that they were made here!

This is a serious flouting of labelling laws, as a brand must make a substantial change to a garment before it can be labelled as ‘made in UK’.
If you want to know more, Make it British has a video explaining the Made in UK labelling rules and a podcast ‘Can I label my product as made in the UK?

BooHoo Made in UK relabelling (photo BBC website)

Disrespecting Honest British Brands

The BooHoo labelling violation is not only dishonest, but it disrespects the honest British brands that do genuinely make their products here in Britain and pay fair wages.

The scandal surrounding BooHoo has ignited a crucial conversation about the authenticity of ‘Made in the UK’ claims.

Appletree and Avalon, a British brand selling gifts made in the UK, said “It really upsets me when I work so hard to keep it genuine.”

Appletree and Avalon BooHoo quote

Lotus Maternity, a brand that has always made in the UK, said “So rubbish for us that are actually making here that they would try and infringe on that sacred space.”

Lotus Maternity BooHoo quote

BooHoo’s Leicester Factory Closure

Adding fuel to the fire is the imminent closure of BooHoo’s much-touted Leicester factory on Thurmaston Lane, which they established in 2022 amid much fanfare. The factory was presented as a symbol of UK manufacturing excellence, a beacon of hope for those advocating fair wages and ethical labour practices.

However, it has recently come to light that BooHoo’s Thurmaston Lane factory was not the shining example it appeared to be. It was, in fact, a smokescreen to divert attention from BooHoo’s other dubious activities in Leicester.

These activities involved the exploitation of workers in factories that paid well below the standard wages, all to achieve BooHoo’s signature low prices.

BooHoo Leicester Factory

BooHoo’s Thurmaston Lane Factory Opened in 2022 (photo Leicester Mercury)

The Factory’s True Colours

Last year, a BBC Panorama documentary blew the lid off the truth behind BooHoo’s Leicester factory. Shockingly, orders placed with the BooHoo factory were not being produced on its premises but were outsourced to Morocco and other factories in Leicester. This revelation sent shockwaves through the industry and raised questions about BooHoo’s commitment to ethical production.

Fate of BooHoo’s Garment Workers

As of now, the fate of the BooHoo Thurmaston Lane factory hangs in the balance. Workers are currently in consultation, and the future of the site remains uncertain. Many are left wondering what will become of this once-touted symbol of UK manufacturing.

Hope for a Brighter Future

In the midst of this controversy, there is hope that BooHoo will do the right thing and hand over the factory to a brand that genuinely values authentic UK manufacturing and ethical labour practices. Preserving the skills of these workers is crucial, and the industry cannot afford to lose them.

In conclusion, the ‘BooHoo made in UK’ scandal serves as a stark reminder of the importance of authenticity and ethical practices in the fashion industry. It is a call to action for consumers to support brands that uphold these principles and to demand transparency and quality.
BooHoo’s deception and the impending closure of its Leicester factory highlight the need for change, as we strive for a fashion industry that truly embodies the values of fairness and integrity.

Boohoo put Made in UK labels on clothes made overseas

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