132 – Can I label my product as ‘Made in the UK’?

Do you find Made in the UK labelling confusing? Do you have a product and want to find out whether you can label it as ‘Made in the UK?’ In this recording of a live masterclass I set the record straight on what can and can’t be labelled as made in the UK. You’ll find out…

  • What the law is surrounding made in the UK labelling
  • What percentage of a product has to be manufactured here
  • Whether the raw materials have to have come from the UK
  • What the myths are surrounding what can and can’t be labelled as made in the UK
  • What the difference is between made in the UK and made in Britain

This masterclass is perfect for anyone who is selling goods that they want to label as made in the UK. I’ll give you several examples of products and whether they can be called made in the UK – with a clear formula that will help you work out whether your product can be labelled as made in the UK. 

Download the slides and the replay video for this webinar here


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