Understanding knitted fabrics with Rajen Ved of Aristo Fabrics

The variety of knitted fabrics available can be confusing, but understanding the different fabric types is essential when designing fashion. Your fabric choices can make or break your product when it goes into production.  We speak to Rajen Ved of Aristo Fabrics, a specialist in knitted fabrics who explains it all.

Rajen has been in the knitted textile business for 30 years. Aristo Fabrics was started by his father at the bottom end of the boom in the knitting industry in Leicester.  It was a brave move, starting with little knowledge and only one machine, but 30 years later they are 10 machines strong, have a wealth of experience,  and supply high end fabrics to the like of E. Tautz and Community Clothing.

Rajen Ved and his wife, Kishori, exhibiting with Riverside Textiles at Make it British Live!

When it comes to knitted fabrics, many would just describe it as ‘T-shirt’ material, but it’s more complex than that, and you’ll need to know your interlock from your jersey knit.

In our interview, Rajen discusses:

> the different types of knitted fabrics

> new raw materials which are being made into knitted fabrics

> Aristo Fabric’s relationship with English Fine Cottons to produce wholly British-made products

minimum order quantities

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