HebTroCo: Made Right Here

HebTroCo Made right here video clip

Menswear brand HebTroCo take a journey around the UK to document what’s ‘Made right here’ including manufacturers of their own products

Since 2006, Brant and Ed of HebTroCo have been selling their popular jeans to people all over the world. Their collection has since expanded into shirts, socks, action blankets and even mugs and coffee.

Passionate about showing their customers just where their products are made, HebTroCo have made a video showcasing the production of each of their products.

From garment manufacturers in Leicester to ceramicist Keith Brymer Jones in Kent, the footage shows behind the scenes, and the quality involved, in making HebTroCo’s products.

HebTroCo Made right here

Now in their fourth year, Brant and Ed have expanded their business to include high-quality menswear items and accessories including boots, jackets, belts and pocket knives. Everything is designed and made in collaboration with some of northern Britain’s best factories and artisans.

“We’re up against fast, dirty fashion, the challenges of Brexit and a market that’s geared towards big businesses selling cheap. But it’s working!”

“We’re trying not to be greedy, we’re trying to do it well and keep the price right. We’re trying to make ourselves last as a company in the same way that we try to make clothes that will last.”

Brant, HebTroCo