Mars Knitwear: Do you Care About Where Your Clothes are Made?

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Leicester based knitwear manufacturer Mars Knitwear have utilised the power of video on social media to share their thoughts on why we should buy British, as well as giving us an insight into the vision of the UK knitwear manufacturer.

Mars Knitwear has been producing the finest quality knitwear in Leicester since 1994. All of their products are designed, manufactured, and carefully inspected in-house by their team of experts.

Yusuf Limalia, creative director of Mars Knitwear produced this video to tell us more about the company, what they do and the advantages of UK-made products.

“Over 90% of the fashion and textiles that consumers buy on the UK’s high streets is imported…”

Why should you buy things that are Made In The UK though? Other than supporting the local British economy, UK manufacturers like Mars Knitwear will be able to provide a far higher standard of quality and service.

Buying directly from the manufacturer means better cost savings for yourself and faster turn around time for their premium knitwear to be made.

Mars Knitwear, UK manufacturer
Clip from Do You Care About Where Your Clothes Are Made?

Buying from us means you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, there’s no middlemen adding their cut, no dealing with different suppliers for different queries, none of that. We’re just a small British business with a deep rooted passion for this beautiful country with multiple qualifications in professional pedantry and a somewhat unhealthy addiction to quality.

Yusuf Limalia, Mars Knitwear
Do You Care About Where Your Clothes Are Made? – Mars Knitwear Intro on Youtube