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Get Production Ready

All the steps you need to take before starting to work with UK manufacturers.

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Whether you decide to word digitally or with good ol' pen and paper - tick off each step as you work through them to keep track of your progress.

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Zoe Jeffery

"It's a great resource for people who are looking to start their UK manufacturing journey." Zoe Jeffery

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This Quick Start Guide Helps...


If you don't have any manufacturing experience at all and the thought of starting out is scary, then this guide will put you at ease with easy step-by-steps.

Reshoring to the UK

You've got experience manufacturing overseas but would like to make in the UK. This guide covers the basics of working with UK factories.

Make in British Founder Kate Hills | Made in UK

Hello, I'm Kate

I’ve been passionate about UK manufacturing ever since I had my own recycled clothing company and micro-factory in the early '90s! After 20 years as a designer and buyer developing products all over the world, I launched Make it British to support creative business founders that want to make locally.

Over the last ten years, I've helped 1,000s of businesses to work with UK manufacturers. Now it's your turn!

Kirstie Carey, Lamington London

"When I needed help and advice I reached out to Make it British and Kate was amazing! She inspired me to pursue - despite all the hard work and has been very helpful along the way. Highly recommended." Kirstie Carey, Lamington London

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