Alfred Sargent Shoes

We do love a good factory photo hear at Make it British, and these images by Steve Lancefield show the true craftsmanship that goes into making every pair of Alfred Sargent shoes

Alfred Sargent
Alfred Sargent Factory (photo by Steve Lancefield)

Nothing beats being able to see how and where the products that you buy are actually made, so here we bring you some fantastic images inside the Alfred Sargent factory in Northampton by talented photographer Steve Lancefield.
And whilst you are enjoying the view, here are some interesting things that you may not know about Alfred Sargent:

  • Around 3000 pairs of Alfred Sargent shoes are made every month in Northampton
  • They employ a team of 70 skilled workers in the factory
  • Their production manager has been at the company for 42 years – he is getting the hang of it now!
  • All of the Alfred Sargent range is made in the UK – from design all the way through to dispatch
  • The company is still owned by the Sargent family – Paul Sargent, the current managing director is a fourth generation family member and Alfred Sargent was Paul’s Great, Great Grandfather.
  • The soles on Alfred Sargent shoes are made from leather which is oak bark tanned in the South West of England

To see all of Steve Lancefield’s photos visit his website, and you can find out more about Alfred Sargent at AlfredSargent.co.uk




All photos used courtesy of Steve Lancefield

3 thoughts on “Alfred Sargent Shoes”

  1. Having visited the factory ourselves, we can testify that Alfred Sargent shoes certainly do offer outstanding quality. They source only the finest leathers and the finishing on the uppers is amongst the finest we have seen.

  2. Having several pairs bought over years I can confirm they are as good now as they were when first purchased. My first pair are approx 30yrs old now. Soled and healed several times. Quality always lasts.

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