Make it British Weekly News Round-up: 26 August 2018

UK manufacturing and British-made brands in the news this week: Fast fashion and the British textile industry; Last footwear factory in Norwich to close; UK manufacturing facts and figure; New members Style Manufacturing; Private White ‘Sheep to Shop’ video

Fast fashion: Does it represent the future of the British textiles industry? (The Manufacturer)

This post was a couple of weeks ago but I missed it at the time. I thought it would be a good time to share it now given the lack of other news this week 🙂

“The term ‘fast fashion’ might conjure up factories in low-cost countries churning out 100’s of product lines to customers on the other side of world, only for the items to be worn once and destined for landfill; but the phrase increasingly refers to the acceleration and compression of the process from design to consumer.”

Fast fashion: Does it represent the future of the British textiles industry?

Norwich women’s shoe factory Florida to close (BBC News)

Sad news this week, as the last remaining women’s shoe factory in Norwich decides to close its factory and move production overseas.

Florida’s managing director Tony Linford said: “It’s a sad decision but an economic necessity.” He added: “It’s no longer sustainable to keep manufacturing here. Despite our best efforts, ‘Made in England’, particularly for women’s shoes, doesn’t resonate with big retailers.”

Florida Group
Florida Group decided to close its UK factory this week

UK Manufacturing 2018/2018 – The Facts (EEF)

The manufacturer’s organisation, The EEF, published a report this week with some positive figures for UK manufacturing.

“UK manufacturing runs ahead of whole economy productivity growth. This helps to explain why pay across the sector outpaces the whole economy. More broadly, exports remain in the driving seat in explaining manufacturing performance.”


New Members

Style Manufacturing

Style Manufacturing offer UK clothing and accessories manufacturing for your business. They deliver high quality production and have years of experience making a vast range of clothing garments.

Based in Sheffield, they accept CMT and fully factored projects. With more than 15 years experience, they have many happy and loyal customers. Style specialise in cotton aprons, classic tailored shirts and waistcoats, polo’s and t-shirts, formal and corporate wear, branded hospitality and bar wear.

New Media

Private White V.C. ‘Sheep to Shop’

British menswear brand Private White V.C. released this fabulous video this week. It features great behind the scenes footage of their locally-produced brand.

“When Oscar nominated and Stretford born director Mark Gill approached us to create a short brand video I said yes immediately – the only proviso was that I didn’t want the film to feature any product at all” James Eden, Private White

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