British Gifts – 10 Reasons to buy British-made this Christmas


Why buying UK-made gifts really is the only way to give this Christmas.

2020 has turned into a year like no other and will go down in history as the year that many people saw huge changes in their lives.

With local lockdowns in the UK making Christmas shopping on the high street seem far less appealing this year, many of us are turning to online shopping. Let’s take this opportunity, while we are changing our shopping habits, to really think carefully about our purchasing decisions.

Don’t get sucked into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that the usual suspects will be promoting. Most of these ‘deals’ are not really a deal at all. We hate to break this to you, but lots of the large stores actually over-price products for the rest of the year just to discount them in their promotions.

In comparison, a UK-made product already offers great value in its quality, longevity and uniqueness. It’s why you’ll not see many UK-made brands taking part in heavy discounting – their products area already priced fairly and offer great value.

There are lots of reasons why you should buy UK-made gifts, particularly this year. You’re supporting British craftsmanship; You’re giving something unique; You’re not creating a huge carbon footprint with your purchase and most importantly you’re helping to keep local people in employment.

Here are our 10 reasons why you should buy British gifts for your loved ones this Christmas

1. You are supporting British craftsmanship when you buy British gifts

Many of the products made in Britain are made by hand using skills that have been handed down through generations. Think woodworking, glass blowing, weaving and knitting. Actively seek out something not mass-produced to support skills and craftsmanship.

2. You are investing in something of quality that will last 

UK made products may sometimes cost more, but because they are often better made the cost-per-use or wear is actually much lower. This means you give a gift that can last for years.

3. A British-made gift means you are giving something more unique 

Products manufactured in the UK are usually produced on a much smaller scale than things made abroad. So you are less likely to be giving the same gift as everyone else.

4. You are bestowing a gift that doesn’t come with a huge carbon footprint 

Have you ever stopped to think how mass-produced foreign imports get from the factory to the shop floor? It’s not likely to be on a slow boat from China these days. More often than not it has flown here from the other side of the world leaving a massive carbon footprint behind it.

5. By buying British gifts you are creating employment for UK workers 

When you buy goods that have been manufactured in Britian you are helping keep skills in the UK and boosting the British economy by keeping people in jobs here.

6. You are nurturing home-grown talent 

In times of recession many designers leaving college can’t get jobs working for big companies. Many set up their own brands in order to continue doing what they love. By buying their products you are helping to keep the retail market in the UK exciting and vibrant.

7. When you buy British gifts you are buying something made locally 

Isn’t it better to give something where you know its provenance and where it’s come from and who made it.

8. You are preserving the future of British manufacturing

By actively seeking out gifts made in Britain you are helping to keep the skill of manufacturing alive in this country. The UK would be a much duller place if everyone worked in a service industry.

9. You are spreading the word about buying British gifts to others

The more people come to realise that we do still make things here, the more they will seek them out. And an increasing demand by customers for things made in the UK would force retailers to think twice about where they source their products from.

10. You are making excuses if you say that you can’t find any British gifts

It has never been easier to find products made in Britain. Just check out our UK Christmas Gift Guide for starters.

UK-made Christmas Gifts


4 thoughts on “British Gifts – 10 Reasons to buy British-made this Christmas”

  1. Please don’t just support British made but support British Handmade too. Independant shops like Fabrication, The Light, Leeds are great places to buy fantastic locally made products and artwork. Shops like this prove to the big boys that independant crafters produce not only locally made but quality items too.

  2. Supporting British made is great news!
    Supporting British and handmade, handcrafted is even better news!
    We are as good as anyone else in the world – if not better at producing fabulous quality goods, crafts, gifts, and presents,
    The talent we have is so underestimated in this country and we need to support it 100% otherwise we are going to loose our traditional crafts and skills…

  3. Please support british handmade too. groups of independant artists and crafters get the opportunity to showcase their work in shops like Fabrication in the Light shopping mall in Leeds.
    If you want quality, one of a kind, original products then support your local independant traders and lets give the big boys on the high street some competition!!!!

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