Reflecting on 2021 and my favourite episodes of the year

In this episode, I reflect on how much things have changed over the past couple of years for us at Make it British, as I am sure they have for you.

I also look at which of the 61 episodes of the podcast I’ve recorded this year were my favourites, and why.


  • [01:54] How Make it British has adapted since pre-pandemic 
  • [04:18] Why I set up my coaching programme to help small businesses who make in the UK
  • [07:11] The 10 most popular podcast episodes of 2021

Listen to the episodes mentioned in this podcast:

200 – 20 tips for building a great UK-made business
170 – Are you confusing mark-up and margin?
178 – The real reason you aren’t making any money with your UK-made business
152 – Are you charging enough for your UK-made products?
156 – 5 reasons why you might not be able to find a UK manufacturer
183 – It was a stupid idea in the pub and now it’s a million-pound business – Brant Richards, HebTroCo
202 – How I dealt with the copycats and came out on top, Monika Young, Monika the Label
179 – Growing a UK-made lifestyle brand – Rebecca J Mills
153 – Building a family business in post-Brexit Britain – Gillian Tusting
171 – How we set up a micro swimwear factory – Rich Keegan & Linda Souto Maior, Usual Objections

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How to Launch a UK-made brand – mini course for start-ups that want to make in the UK.

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