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Are you confusing mark-up and margin?

Podcast 170

When it comes to working out your selling prices, one of the biggest mistakes people make is getting their margin and mark-up all mixed up!


It’s easily done as the two words are pretty similar. But it can be a costly mistake to make if you get it wrong.


In this episode, I explain what the difference is between a margin and a mark-up, and what percentages you should be aiming for depending on how you are selling your products.


  • How to do the maths to work out your mark-up [00:48]
  • How to calculate a margin [03:09]
  • What mark-up should you be aiming for? [04:56]
  • What your mark-up needs to cover [05:33]
  • Typical margins that big retailers might work towards [07:37]

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  1. Sara Morton on May 17, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Thanks Kate, your podcast on Mark-up and Margin was very informative. Just setting up my own womenswear clothing brand so great to have a refresher on working out the two calculations!

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