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202 – How I dealt with the copycats and came out on top, Monika Young, Monika the Label

Monika the Label, podcast episode, slow fashion

Monika Young is the founder and creative director of Monika the Label a sustainable fashion brand inspired by 70s California and made in the UK.

In this episode, Monika tells the story of how she set up and her brand, and what actions she took when she discovered her original designs and prints being copied by fast-fashion online retailers. 


  • [04:12] How Monika’s experience as a fashion buyer lead her to question the industry and pushed her to start her own clothing brand
  • [11:21] How having supplier issues with her fabrics was actually a blessing in disguise
  • [19:24] What slow fashion means to Monika
  • [24:17] The reasons why Monika believes there are so many more benefits to UK manufacturing that offsets the additional cost
  • [26:14] Why Monika makes sure she invests in the quality of her products
  • [29:58] How Monika discovered her prints were being copied by large fashion brands
  • [38:16] The amount of support Monika received through sharing her experience on social media
  • [41:28] How Monika is dealing with the challenge of getting the copies taken down and how her brand has come out on top
  • [45:13] Why Monika’s opinion changes about whether consumers are more likely to purchase from brands with a purpose
  • [50:00] The future plans for Monika the Label in order to work towards being more sustainable
  • [52:11] How sticking to your values and staying true to yourself is Monika’s one piece of advice to other brand owners

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