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Made in Britain

At Make it British we are are proud to support British Brands and Manufacturers. and on the Make it British website we have a wealth of information available for people who are looking to buy products and services Made in Britain.

Below we have put together some of our most popular content to create the ultimate 'Buy British' guide.


Promote Your British Brand

If you make products here in the UK, or sell British products and services, you can promote your business on Make it British.

Reach thousands of people using our website to find products Made in Britain every day, by becoming a Make it British member.

Womenswear Made in Britain


In a recent study conducted by Make it British, over 90% of consumers surveyed said that they would be willing to pay more for British made products, compared to similar products made outside of the UK.

Menswear Made in Britain


Buying British helps the economy. Every purchase of a British product or service supports British industries and helps protect and create jobs in UK.

Made in Britain For Kids & Babies


Research from Barclays Corporate Banking recently revealed that two fifths of international consumers are more inclined to buy a product that carries the Union Jack.

Pet Products Made in Britain


Buying British is not always the cheapest option, but for many there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with buying British, that far outweighs the higher price tag.

Health & Beauty Made in Britain

Health & Beauty

Buying British is ethical. Consumers know that buying UK-made clothes probably means the people who made them were treated much more fairly than in factories overseas.

Home & Garden Products Made in Britain


Buying British often means superior quality. Although British products often cost more, they usually last much longer and provide better value for money.

Food & Drink Made in Britain

Food & Drink

Buying British food helps the environment. British food travels less far from farm to shop so has a lower carbon footprint than most imported foods.

Leisure Products Made in Britain