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Six Month Synopsis

As we celebrate 6 months of the Make it British podcast what have been your favourite episodes so far?

This episode recaps what you may have missed, and gives you the low-down on the most popular topics and interviews.

If you want to listen back to some of the best episodes of the first six months, these at the ones to go for:

1. Episode 02 – James Ede, Private White V.C.

2. Episode 01 The Making of Make it British

3. Episode 13 10 Mistake People Make When Starting a Brand Making in the UK

4. Episode 21 Jenny Holloway, What I’ve Learnt from Running a Clothing Factory

5. Episode 16 Get Set For Manufacturing Challenge

6. Episode 15 The top 9 Manufacturing Trends of 2019

7. Episode 31 Life as an Ethical Clothing Manufacturer in Leicester – Mick Cheema, Basic Premier

8. Episode 24 Is the UK manufacturing revival over?

9. Episode 3 Why is UK manufacturing so important?

10. Episode 33 – Made in Britain Starts Here – Andy Ogden, English Fine Cottons


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