Member Verification

A tick mark next to a company name in the Make it British Directory lets people know that the business has been verified by us in addition to the usual membership process.

Verified businesses are Make it British members that have been approved after completing our verification application and provided additional  information to prove that they manufacture everything in the UK.

Verified Member Status

How does a Make it British member receive verification?

In order for a Make it British member to become verified they must prove to us that 100% of their production takes place in the UK.

There is no legal definition of what constitutes 'made in the UK' or 'made in Britain' but currently we go by the Trading Standards Act of 1968 which says that it is the place in which goods last underwent a substantial change.*

This may mean in some cases that imported raw materials may have been used in the final product.

We are constantly looking at the definition of what can be classified as made in the UK and reserve the right to change our verification criteria as policy changes.

Application requirements

A verified member is required to provide evidence as follows:

  • The name of a UK-based business registered at Companies House
  • A UK company number
  • A transparent list of ALL manufacturing premises used in the UK. This can be a factory, workshop or studio
  • Must manufacture 100% of products in the United Kingdom
  • Cannot own or use any manufacturing facility outside of the UK to make finished goods
  • The application must be signed by a company director or someone authorised to act on their behalf
  • Is required to supply photo and/or video evidence to support their application

In addition we encourage all verified members to display evidence of their manufacturing process on their company profile in the Make it British Directory.


Make it British reserves the right to contact companies and third parties to verify applications in order to uphold claims that 100% of production takes place in the UK.


An employee of Make it British, or representatives acting on our behalf, may pay a visit to any manufacturing premises listed on the application form to confirm that information provided is correct.

Members are asked to provide up to date information on manufacturing facilities and locations on a yearly basis, or as they change.

If a member decides to start manufacturing outside of the UK they need to declare it to Make it British immediately.

Members receive the verification at the discretion of the director at Make it British and her decision is final.

Non-verified members

Any business can be a member of Make it British provided that they manufacturer some, or all, of their products in the UK.

They may also apply for membership if they offer a manufacturing service to other businesses, and that service takes place in the UK.

We ask that all members are transparent about where and how their products are made, and make it clear on their profile if only part of their manufacturing takes place in the UK, in order to avoid any confusion to website visitors.


Every business listed on our website manufactures in the UK - the difference with Verified Members is that they have passed additional checks and manufacture 100% of their product here

*Further details on what constitutes a substantial change can be found here.