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What qualifies as made in Britain?
Are there rules governing country of origin labelling?
This video tells you everything you need to know about whether you can label a product as made in the UK

‘Can I label my product as made in Britain?’ is the one question that I get asked more than anything else.
It is a very grey area and something that many people find confusing. So it thought it would be good to set the record straight once and for all.

In this video I explain what constitutes a made in Britain product and I bust some of the myths surrounding country of origin labelling.

You’ll find out…

– What the law is surrounding made in Britain labelling

– What percentage of a product has to be manufactured here

– Whether the raw materials have to have come from the UK

– What the myths are surrounding what can and can’t be labelled as made in Britain

I also give you several examples of products and whether they can be called made in Britain – with a clear formula that will help you work out whether your product can be labelled as made in the UK

If you DO manufacture your product in Britain and you believe it meets the guidelines in this video then we would love to help you to reach more customers with your made in Britain brand.

We offer several different membership packages and have a wide variety of different businesses we work with to help them reach consumers who are genuinely want to buy made in Britain products.

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