Series 5 of the Make it British Podcast is Coming Soon

The first episode will be released on Friday 3rd March, 2023!

I’ve already recorded a couple of the interviews for the next series, and I will fill you in in a minute about what the focus will be this series, but first I wanted to tell you about a few things we have coming up, that if you are a listener of the Make it British podcast you will probably be really interested to hear about.

Series 5 of the Make it British Podcast with Kate Hills | Discussing Made in UK

Selling Without Social

The first is an online  workshop that I will be hosting on Thursday 24th October called Selling Without Social, which is about all of the different ways that you can market and sell your product-based business without using social media! 

I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly got social media fatigue, and I know from speaking to many of our members that they feel the same.

Although Make it British has accumulated over seventeen thousand followers on Instagram to date, my heart’s just not in it any more. It’s great for 1-2-1 conversations in the DMs, but being on the hamster wheel of content creation, and watching everyone else doing the same, just makes me want to run and hide in a dark, quiet room!

What’s more, I look at how much time some of our members and accelerator clients are spending stressing about which social media platform they should be focusing on, or what to make their next video about, whilst also looking at declining sales and it makes me want to give them all a big hug.

Marketing your business and selling your products should not make you want to stick hot pins in your eyes.

You should also not be at the mercy of an algorithm to know whether the stuff that you have lovingly created is going to be seen by those people that actually care.

You need to ENJOY selling your British-made products as much as you enjoy designing and making them, otherwise, what’s the point?

Selling Without Social Workshop with Kate Hills

So if you’ve been wondering if there is a better way to get eyeballs on your business, and sell your products to those that appreciate them, without selling your soul to the scroll, I have TONS of  ideas for you.

Methods that don’t require you to be glued to your phone all day, going down a scroll-hole of despair.

That actually result in long-term growth for your business. And many of which are actually, really rather fun!

So if you want to find joy in  telling the world about your products, then you NEED to join me for this workshop. It’s being held on Thursday 23rd February at 11am, and yes we will also be recording it. So grab a ticket and you’ll get access to the recording for 6 months as well. 

Plus we’re creating a really cool workbook to accompany the workshop so you can come away with an action plan!

Make sure to listen to the podcast trailer to find out a special link to get a £10 discount as a podcast listener.

The Selling Without Social was a workshop that I was originally just intending to do for our British Brand Accelerator clients, but I thought this one was too good not to share and open up to everyone. And if you have been thinking of joining us in the Accelerator it will also give you a taster of what our workshop sessions are like.

Which brings me onto my next point…

British Brand Accelerator 

The doors for our group coaching programme, British Brand Accelerator are opening at the end of this month (February 2023), but only for a very short time.

We’ve got some space for a new cohort to start in March 2023, so if you are interested in working with us to launch and grow your British-made brand, make sure that you get on the waitlist because waitlist peeps will be the first to gain access when we re-open.

There will be special bonuses for the first few people that sign-up, including 1-2-1 strategy calls with me, plus we are introducing a 3 month commitment, alongside the usual 6 month option, for those that want to fast track their progress and also have a lower cost investment in the programme to get started.

If you know you’re serious about launching or growing your business in 2023 then make sure that you sign up to the waitlist. We will then send you all the details ahead of the official launch, so that you can get first dibs on a spot.

One last thing that it is worth mentioning about the Accelerator, particularly if you love audio and listening to podcasts, going forward all of the questions answered on the BBA coaching calls will be available as a private podcast feed. So that you can search to see all of the questions that have been answered and find them easily.

We’re also adding much of the workshop and training content from within the accelerator programme into the audio feed too. So that if you are pushed for time and want to listen and learn on the go, you can easily do that.

I know that one of the reasons busy business owners love podcasts is because it allows you to multi-task, and you don’t always have time to sit and watch videos or be on Zoom calls all day. So by adding these resources to a private podcast that only Accelerator clients can access, but in a podcast app that you are already using, it makes the content so much more accessible. I’m pretty sure everyone is going to love this new feature!

Save your spot on the waitlist here.

Which brings me on to something else that I wanted to tell you about, which is a special private podcast feed that we have already set up…

British Brand Bedrock Podcast


British Brand Bedrock covers over 30 of the most commonly asked questions that we get asked at Make it British.

Questions such as ‘Can I label my product as made in the UK?’, ‘What does a manufacturer include in a cost price? And ‘Should I be selling my products on a marketplace?’

They are all questions that have been covered on this podcast at some point, but are often hard to find as they get buried when you’ve done over 250 episodes! So we’ve made them easy to find and search.

If you want to subscribe to this special, private podcast feed, which I’ve called British Brand Bedrock, go to makeitbritish.co.uk/bedrock and you’ll be able to sign up for the special link.

They’ll be sent one a day, every day, to your chosen podcast app over the course of 30 days.

Make it British – The Book!

And then finally, something really exciting that I wanted to tell you about, is that I am writing a book!

That’s part of the reason why I took a break from recording the podcast for a couple of months, as I wanted to focus on starting on the book. Although I am nowhere near finishing it, as it is quite a long process I am now finding out!

The book will, of course, be about manufacturing products in the UK. And will include case studies on some of the very best UK manufacturers and British brands.

Some of the case studies are being interviewed for this very podcast, so if you want to get a taster of what will be included in the book, make sure you listen to series 5 of the podcast.

I’ve already got a couple of the interviews in the bag, and you’ll be able to listen to those very soon.

If you are interested in being one of the first to get hold of a copy of my book, click here to get more details.

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