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Whether you want to grow your British-made brand, get your goods rolling off a UK- based factory production line, or get your products in front of more shoppers, we’ve got you covered.

21 tips for building a great British brand

286 – 21 Tips for Building a Great British Brand

Hear from 21 business founders as they give their tips on starting and growing a British-made brand. These snippets were taken from 21 different guest interviews on this podcast. If you want to listen to the full episodes you can

Make it British Podcast

271 – 3 Things I Learnt This Year

Hello and Welcome to Episode 271! As 2023 draws to a close, and for my last podcast episode of the year, I reflect back on the 3 biggest lessons that I’ve learnt this year. I also want to say a

Make it British Podcast

262 – Nailing Your Pricing Strategy

Welcome to episode 262 of the Make it British Podcast! In this episode, l explore the factors that go into setting the perfect price, from understanding your customer and competitors to considering the cost of alternatives. Join me as we

5 Hidden Manufacturing Costs and How to Avoid Them - Make it British Podcast with Kate Hills

260 – 5 Hidden Manufacturing Costs and How to Avoid Them

In this episode I discuss some of the hidden costs of manufacturing, and offer tips on how to avoid them. Whether you’re starting a new brand, or growing an existing one, there’s typically five common areas where costs can spiral

258 - How Do You Define an ‘Ethical Factory’ Make it British Podcast with Kate Hills

258 – How Do You Define an ‘Ethical Factory’?

We get a lot of people contacting us at Make it British asking if we can put them in touch with a sustainable or ethical factory to make their brand. So in this episode I define ways in which a factory might meet this criteria.

I also talk about the launch of Primark’s new circular denim collection, which has had mixed reviews in the media, with many thinking it is greenwashing and an insult to small brands that are genuinely doing the right thing.

Make it British Podcast Cover with Kate Hills 2023

250 – 11 Ways to Grow a British Brand in 2023

Having worked with hundreds of British brands over the last few years, and speaking to them about what is working for them right now, and what they see working in 2023, here are 11 ideas you can use for growing

Make it British Podcast with Kate Hills - Episode 247 with Justine Tabak, Rosie Macpherson and Jack Millington

247 – Attracting Customers & Creating Raving Fans

How do you attract the right peoplt to your brand, and keep them coming back for more? In this excerpt from one of the sessions at the Make it British Virtual Forum, you’ll hear the ways in which three successful

Make it British Podcast Cover with Kate Hills 2023

243 – Pricing Your Products

This episode answers some of your most commonly asked questions about pricing.  Discover: 02:12 What markup do retailers add? 08:19 Should you raise your prices if the cost of your fabric and manufacturing has increased? 13:06 Should you lower your

Make it British Podcast Cover with Kate Hills 2023

240 – 7 Proven Ways to Promote Your UK-Made Brand

UK-made goods have huge value both at home and abroad. Are you doing enough to shout about your own British-made brand? I’ll be sharing my 7 foolproof tips you can action right now to sell your UK-made goods. Discover:  03:01

Make it British Podcast Episode 249 - Customer Service Secrets

239 – Customer Service Secrets for British-Made Brands

Want to know how to create a loyal following and keep happy customers coming back for more? Kate Barker (Lime Tree Design), Sue Longmore (Maude and Fox) and Linda de Ruiter (The Slow Wardrobe) share the customer service secrets that

Make it British Podcast Cover with Kate Hills 2023

238 – How to Start a Clothing Brand for Less

Is it possible to launch a brand with just a few hundred pounds?  We surveyed our Make it British members and they gave us the insights into how much it cost them to start-up a brand that is made in

229 - The Make it British Podcast Kate Hills - Retaining UK Craftship

229 – Why Buying British is Key to Retaining UK Craftship

In this episode, recorded as an Instagram Live on Made in UK Day, I chat to two British makers: Joseph Azagury, a high-end women’s footwear designer with his own atelier in Wimbledon, London Nelson and Jenny Were from leather goods

Make it British Podcast Cover with Kate Hills 2023

221 – 8 Tips for Selling to Retail Buyers

Do you want to wholesale your UK-made brand, but don’t know where to start? Is this episode we look at some of the potential pitfalls, and I give you my top 8 tips for success when selling to retail buyers.