285 – I Never Looked at Manufacturing Anywhere Else with Catherine Bedford, Dashel Cycle Helmets

On today’s episode I’m chatting with Catherine Bedford, founder of Dashel Cycle Helmets

Catherine had the idea for an innovative and stylish cycle helmet whilst watching the London 2012 Olympics. She set about creating her vision, and it took 5 years to develop and launch the Dashel helmet. All Dashel helmets are made in the UK, and in this episode Catherine talks about:

  • How she set about developing a new and innovative product.
  • How she found factories to then make the helmets
  • Some of the safety testing that bike helmets have to go through. 
  • How she got PR and found stockists when she first launched.
  • How she got her first stockists.
  • And how the bike industry has been affected by Brexit.