‘One Woman’s Mission to Successfully Save UK Fashion Manufacturing’

Kate Hills features on Fashion Roundtable’s first ever podcast. 

Fashion Roundtable, Podcast, From Front Row to Front Bench

I was delighted to be featured as the first ever guest on Fashion Roundtable’s great new podcast ‘From Front Row to Front Bench’.

Fashion Roundtable is an organisation that collaborates with Government and Parliament, through All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs), and across the public and private sector to develop policy ideas and strategies. They work across the fashion and textiles industry, technology, innovation, education, skills and sustainability policy to improve people’s lives by influencing policy and outcomes.

During the podcast we discuss the reasons why we should all champion British manufacturing as well as covering our collaboration to push the Government for greater UK-made, reusable PPE.

Show notes from Fashion Roundtable:

For our first-ever podcast, Fashion Roundtable‘s Tamara Cincik speaks with Kate Hills – a woman on a self-proclaimed mission to save UK manufacturing. 

Following a 20-year fashion career with jobs at BurberryMarks & SpencerLevi’s and Debenhams, Kate created her website Make It British in 2011 to celebrate brands that manufacture their products in the UK.

To me the offshoring of production seems very short-sighted. Britain was a successful industrial nation for centuries – the industrial revolution started here after all – so why would we want to lose all that skill and the ability to make things on our doorstep? Worried about the skills we were losing, I started to do some research on the brands and manufacturers that were left in the UK, and I found that despite what the majority of people thought, there were still lots of manufacturing being done in the UK, says Kate.

A passionate advocate for all things made British, in this podcast Kate and our founder and CEO Tamara Cincik talk about:

• Why Kate set up Make it British in the first place
• Why we should all be passionate about British manufacturing
• How to uncover the amazing businesses that are still making in the UK
• Make It British’s collaboration with Fashion Roundtable to push the Government for greater UK-made, reusable PPE
• The social benefits of onshoring UK manufacturing and Brexit!

Listen to the podast here:

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