Make it British on BBC Radio Leicester

Textile manufacturing in Leicester is booming – hear all about it in this interview with Kate Hills, founder of Make it British, on BBC Radio Leicester

Kate Hills, CEO of Make it British, was interviewed by Jonathan Lampon on BBC Radio Leicester

I was interviewed this morning by BBC Radio Leicester about buying British. It was fantastic to be invited onto the show, but unfortunately they interviewed me remotely via Skype and there were a few technical hitches!

Worth a listen to also hear the great interview with Mick Cheema of Basic Premier, who was also on the show. Mick’s garment manufacturing business in Leicester is booming. He’s making for lots of the High Street retailers and you can find out all about this by listening to the live recording from his factory. Mick was on of the speakers at our Meet the Manufacturer conference in 2015 and his unit in Leicester is one of the largest clothing factories in the UK.

Just click the image above to hear the 11 minute interview on buying British and Leicestershire textiles on BBC Radio Leicester.

Basic Premier Leicester
Basic Premier Leicester