Kate Hills, Founder of Make it British, to Speak at Source Fashion

Kate will be sharing her knowledge on the increase in demand for manufacturing in the UK, and the benefits of making locally.

Source Fashion Event Banner 12-14 February 2023

Kate’s talk called Micro Factories: Fashion’s Reshoring Rush will cover:

  • Why are fashion and textile companies moving their production back home? And what scope is there for large retailers to bring their business back to the UK?
  • Kate will be answering these questions in her talk on Sunday 12th February at Olympia in London, and showing you the statistics that illustrate how much the demand for making in the UK has increased over the last decade.
  • She’ll also be explaining what the advantages are of working with a local supply chain are, and how and why many brands are now setting up their own micro factories in Britain.
  • If you think making in the UK is more expensive, think again. She’ll be showing you how many brands, both large and small, are making in the UK both successfully and profitably.

About Source Fashion

Source Fashion is the UK’s newest sustainable sourcing show and will be taking place for the first time at Olympia in London.

There will be several UK manufacturers exhibiting at the event, including Make it British members Colourways Textiles and National Weaving.

Whether you are an existing brand, someone just starting out, or a manufacturer yourself, this event will provide some helpful connections and insights if you’re looking to responsibly and sustainably source new products.

Kate will be speaking at the Source Fashion event at 3pm on Sunday 12th February. More details about Source Fashion can be found here.