222 – Why it’s Important to Keep UK Manufacturing Alive, Julie Deane CBE

Julie Deane CBE is the founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company, which manufactures all its bags in the UK. In this episode, recorded as an Instagram Live on Made in UK Day, I chat to Julie about why the Cambridge Satchels are made in the UK, and how important it is to retain craftsmanship here in Britain.


  • 03:17 Why Julie feels there should be a kitemark to recognise products made in the UK
  • 06:04 How Julie thinks we can encourage more people to find out where products are made
  • 08:29 Why sustainability is so important to the Cambridge Satchel brand
  • 11:43 The reason why Julie decided to set up Cambridge Satchel’s own factory
  • 15:28 Julie’s advice for small businesses looking to get their name out there

Watch the live version from Made in UK Day

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