211 – The Top 6 Business Trends in 2022 for Brands That Make in the UK

If you have a business making or selling products that are made in the UK, what are the biggest trends that will impact you in 2022?

Whilst the last 2 years have shown us that it is almost impossible to predict the unpredictable, having worked with hundreds of small businesses that make in the UK over the last ten years, I can see definite patterns emerging.

In this episode, I cover my top 6 business trends for brands that make in the UK for 2022. 


  • 02:45 The reasons why everyone is turning to local
  • 05:51 Why you need to be clear about how your brand is sustainable and not just saying it is
  • 10:10 How simplicity can be key to running a successful product-based business
  • 14:53 Why you need to be aware of rising cost prices and how to plan for them accordingly
  • 17:54 Why you may need to shake up your current sales and marketing strategy
  • 19:47 How you can take control of your production to get ahead of the competition

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