183 – It was a stupid idea, now it’s a million pound business – Brant Richards

Brant Richards is one of the founders of HebTroCo.

5 years ago, he and his business partner Ed had an idea in the pub – to start making trousers in Hebden Bridge, a town in Yorkshire that was once renowned for its trouser making.They launched the business on Kickstarter, knowing nothing about making trousers, and within five hours of switching on their crowd-funding campaign they had sold their first 176 pairs. So Brant and Ed quit their jobs and went on a journey that has seen them turnover more than a million pounds.

Since their initial launch they’ve added jeans, shirts, socks and the now pretty much infamous action blanket.


  • Why making trousers isn’t rocket science 06:20
  • How HebTroCo invest in advertising to grow their mailing list and increase sales 20:38
  • How much it really costs to make jeans in the UK 24:37
  • How Brant and Ed met 27:06
  • The success of their Kickstarter campaign when they sold 176 pairs in 5 hours 30:50
  • The marketing tip that Brant has for other brands 31:40
  • How HebTroCo work with their factories 40:04
  • The products that HebTroCo are launching next 41:52

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