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068 Live! – HebTroCo, How to Make a Million in Brexit Britain

HebTroCoBrant Richards and Ed Oxley tell the story of how they launched British menswear brand HebTroCo.

In this audio recording of the talk they did at Make it British Live! 2019, Brant and Ed recount the tale of how an idea in the pub turned into a million pound business in just 3 years.

Hear how they:

  • Launched with a Kickstarter campaign that sold 176 pairs of trousers in just 6 hours
  • Used Facebook advertising to reach their target audience
  • Made storytelling integral to everything they do
  • Opened a shop to support their online business
  • Use local suppliers wherever possible, and how they found them

More about HebTroCo

This podcast episode is part of a series of talks which took place at Make it British Live! 2019.

Brant Richards & Ed Oxley, HebTroCo

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