Want the contact details for a UK manufacturer? Read this!

If you’re looking to work with a UK manufacturer Make it British can help.

I’ve been developing my network of UK manufacturing contacts for over 15 years, and maintaining these valuable relationships is a priority for me. This is why I am committed to making sure that only well-prepared and serious businesses are introduced to them.
Here are the reasons why…

Finding the perfect manufacturer is a matchmaking process

Finding the manufacturer that’s right for your brand, is a bit like finding a partner. What works for someone else might not necessarily be right for you.

When I matchmake brands with manufacturers, as I do in my British Brand Accelerator programme, I know exactly what that brand is looking for and which manufacturers would be best for them.  Each brand has their own requirements and values, and each manufacturer has their own specialisms and characteristics.

Without getting under the hood of your business, it is impossible to tell if you’d be a good match. 

Manufacturers want to know you’re not a timewaster

A while ago we tested out having a contact form on this website that went directly to the manufacturing members that are on makeitbritish.co.uk  
It sent the enquiry to the manufacturer so that they knew it came from Make it British. It also sent a copy to us.

After a while, several of the manufacturers contacted us to ask us to remove the feature, and from looking at the enquiries sent via the contact form, I could understand why. They were often vague, generic and some were just plain rude! Many of the people sending the messages were obviously totally not ready to start working with a manufacturer and were just tyre kicking.

Manufacturers said they would much rather that I did a direct introduction with a brand that is prepped and ready, and is not going to waste their time. 

I’ve been building up my list of UK manufacturing contacts for 15 years now, and I don’t want to jeopardise those relationships by sending them time-wasters. So now I only work with brands that are ready to engage seriously, and that have a clear vision and are well-prepared to start working with a manufacturer.

Follow best practice if you want to ensure success

In the past I have had a few instances where a brand that has found a UK manufacturer on this website has gone on to have an issue with the factory that they have chosen. On all of these occasions, when I explored a little more about what had happened, it was due to the brand not having followed best practice when it comes to working with a manufacturer. This typically involved missing critical steps like not preparing a detailed tech pack or neglecting to produce a pre-production sample.
It is your role as a business owner to ensure that before you reach out to a manufacturer you are well-prepared and that during the production process you follow best practice.
There are lots of resources on this website to help you achieve this if you plan to go it alone. Or I also offer hands-on help via my mentoring programme or manufacturer matchmaking service. Read on for more details.

How I can help you find a manufacturer

If you’re in search of a UK clothing manufacturer, I encourage you to consider more than just obtaining contact details.

I offer a comprehensive matchmaking service that not only connects you with a suitable manufacturer but also guides you through the process of establishing a productive and professional relationship. This service ensures that you’re well-prepared to engage with manufacturers, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and issues.

Find out if you’re ready to work with a UK manufacturer

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to start working with a UK manufacturer, take our ‘Are You Ready To Work With a UK Factory?’ quiz and get a comprehensive free report detailing any further steps you need to take before you reach out to a manufacturer.