A Guide to Manufacturing Costs and Lead Times

In this video I answer the question ‘What funds should I put aside for production costs? And how long should I allow from order to completion on average?

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        Key Takeaways:

        What Funds Should I Put Aside For Production Costs?

        • Before considering production costs, it’s essential to factor in sampling costs.
        • Manufacturers typically charge about double for sampling compared to production (but depends on product and manufacturer)
        • It’s crucial to get your sampling right the first time to avoid unnecessary costs.
        • For production costs, the price varies based on the product and the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity.
        • I recommend starting with smaller quantities to start with, even if the cost per piece is higher, to minimise your risk.
        • You won’t get your best margin on the first order, but it’s better to test the market first.

        How long should I allow from order to completion on average?

        • Lead times vary depending on the time of the year and the type of product.
        • Manufacturers have peak seasons so allow for this.
        • Lead times can change based on how busy the manufacturer is.
        • As a general rule of thumb, allow at least 8-12 weeks for your first order.
        • Start developing seasonal products off-season to benefit from manufacturers’ lower workload.
        • Raw materials and labels can delay the production process. Make sure you have all raw materials ready before placing a production order.

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