5 ways to sell your UK-made products this Christmas

5 ways to sell your UK-made products this Christmas

There is no doubt that it is going to be a challenging Christmas for UK businesses this year.

How do you sell your UK-made products at this time of year?

Don’t despair!

The good news is that if you make a product in the UK you’re at an advantage because a lot of people are shunning giving any gifts made overseas this year.

Help give your Christmas sales a boost and sell your UK-made products with our best tips to sell UK-made products this Christmas!

1. Take part in a virtual pop-up shop 

There are lots of virtual pop-up events taking place this year where you can sell your British-made gifts. They’re a great way to get together with like-minded brands to reach a new audience. Start by looking on Instagram for the hashtags #virtualshow #virtualpopup.
We held a Make it British Virtual Pop-up for our members on Instagram as part of our Buy British Christmas campaign.
You can follow the campaign hashtag on Instagram here.

2. Make a video to send to your email list 

Videos in emails get a much higher click through-rate than text and images and give your marketing a personal touch.

Think of it as being on your stall at a show – what would you say to your customers about the benefits of buying your products?

Being on video can feel weird at first, but it’s worth persevering and no one expects them to be super-polished these days.

3. Go live on social media 

The great thing about selling at shows and fairs is that you get to meet your customers face to face.

Live video on social media can be the next best thing. You can interact with customers as they engage with your live video to sell your British-made gifts. Ask them to type in the comments if they want to order something and follow it up with a DM.

Members of Make it British that have been showing up on video on social media have reported increased engagement and direct sales from doing so.

4. Sell gifts that keep on giving 

A great way to sell your UK-made products is to create ways you can extend your sales to your current customers so that your average basket size is higher.

Could you create a subscription service where customers receive a product every month from you throughout the next year?

5. Feature your products in online gift guides 

Lots of websites and online magazines create digital gift guides at this time of year. And they’re a great place to promote your UK-made brand. The Make it British Gift Guide receives 10,000s of views a week throughout the festive season to a discerning audience who love to buy made in the UK products.

*Want to feature in the Make it British Gift Guide? You just need to be a Make it British member.
Membership packages start at £29 a month. You can find more details about joining here.

I’d love to hear what creative ways you’ve thought of to sell your UK-made products this Christmas. Post in the comments below to let me know.