10 things that make UK-made businesses great

If you are looking to make in the UK, or if you already do, you are likely to be passionate about making your products locally and developing partnerships with UK manufacturers.

But do you know what goes into making UK-made businesses great?

We hear many common themes from UK brands and businesses about why they do what they do. From wanting to preserve craftsmanship and keep skills alive, to striving to offer the best quality they can.

Make it British have rounded up the 10 things that make UK-made businesses great and how you can begin your journey to making your business great too!

10 things that make UK-made businesses great

1. UK manufacturers are partners to the businesses they make for

One thing that comes up time and time again, is that manufacturers are partners to British businesses and not just suppliers. You’re not working with a faceless factory in the far east that you’re pinging off emails to, but you’re getting into a partnership with another British business.

2. Transparency is integral to their supply chain

Being transparent about your supply chain is key when manufacturing in the UK. Many factories in the UK take part in Fashion Revolution’s ‘Who made my clothes‘ campaign.

3. Considering sustainability throughout your entire business

Now more than ever, sustainability is starting to come to the forefront when it comes to manufacturing, particularly when it comes to things like fashion and textile products. Carbon footprint is obviously so much lower when you are making in the UK.

4. Finding new ways to reach their customers

Supply chains are getting shorter and manufacturers are getting much closer to the end consumer. Many businesses are having to look outside of the traditional wholesale model towards selling at markets or through kickstarters.

5. Many businesses are family-run

When you’re buying something that is made in the UK you are very often supporting a family business. That business has often been passed down through many generations and sometimes the member of the family that is now at the helm of the business.

Young woman standing in a UK textile manufacturers manufacturing | Manufacture in the UK

6. Authenticity is key

UK-made businesses are being authentic and being true to themselves, they’re showing behind the scenes of their brands and they’re making it a part of their brand’s DNA.

7. Craftsmanship is worth preserving

Craftsmanship and keeping skills alive is so important to UK manufacturing.

8. Quality is at their core

UK manufacturers are striving to be the very best that they can be because they aim to make products that are made to last.

9. It’s not just about the money, they do it for other reasons

It’s not really about making something in the UK and trying to make loads and loads of money because the common theme that we hear is that they do it because they are passionate.

10. They just wouldn’t manufacture anywhere else!

UK-made businesses want to remain loyal to those they work with because it’s convenient for them to make in the UK when it’s on the doorstep. They find ways to make it work even if it means setting up their own factory!

So let’s keep supporting UK manufacturing!