Sites we love: The Harris Tweed Authority blog

Sharing the websites that we love to read about products made in Britain – the first of these is the Harris Tweed Authority blog

The Harris Tweed Orb
The Harris Tweed Orb

What’s it all about?

Harris Tweed is a fabric dyed and spun in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, and the Harris Tweed Authority blog, as you’ve probably already guessed, is the online destination for all things Harris Tweed. Dedicated to spreading the word about the famous Scottish cloth, the site covers everything from the material’s heritage and manufacture, to designers that have used the fabric in their collections.

Who are the Harris Tweed Authority?

They are the custodians of the world renowned Orb trademark – only tweed that bears the famous logo can be deemed to be genuine Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed & Nigel Cabourn collaboration
Harris Tweed & Nigel Cabourn collaboration

Why we love it…

Only launched in May 2012, the Harris Tweed Authority blog has already got us hooked with its intricate details of the manufacturing of this most wondrous of cloths and the history of the looms and people that make it. If you enjoy finding out more about the provenance of a product then you will love this site.

Where can you find it?

You can find the Harris Tweed Authority blog at www.harristweed.org/blog/

And finally…

We would like to share with you a video from the site called Harris Tweed – From Shearing to Stamping that depicts the journey that pure new wool goes on to become genuine Harris Tweed. Enjoy.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/38326171]