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Annie with Alex
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Clothing & Accessories
Bags lovingly made by our family for yours. Annie with Alex, are a mother and daughter collaboration, designing, creating & making contemporary bags that fit into your and your family’s lifestyle. Our bags are designed with multiple uses, eg Our classic waterproof storage bag – designed for your bathroom essentials, or a handbag or use as a beach bag! Reverse it for a different look all together! Hand Made in Hertfordshire
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Annie with Alex

About Us:
Annie and Alex are not only the founding members of “Annie with Alex but we are also a mother and daughter combination which makes this even more important to us.
We are part of a long line of creative bag makers, and the story starts with Annie’s Dad Syd. Syd was a sailor and loved making items, whether this was a hand made boat in their back garden in Dundee, Scotland in, an art studio in the garden or making a bag out of a boat sail and rope he was always busy.
Like Syd, both Annie and Alex have inherited the creativity genes and have enjoyed making hand crated practical items for friends and family for over 30 years, whether this was French Provencal lavender bags, to bags for travel adventures the recipients have kept the bags close at hand for many years.
The Annie with Alex journey officially began back in 2017 when we took the decision to share our bags wider than friends and family.
We have always been motivated by the changing demands on a modern lifestyle, our collection is a range of contemporary and functional accessories which we hope people will use day after day.
As well as our items being hand crafted by us in Hertfordshire Great Britain, we have a unique Annie with Alex twist as our zipped bag contains a vintage key. Each key is unique, and must have a story to tell, which is a little like us!

Our Bags:
We make bags with purpose and for multiple different occasions. All of our bags are designed and made with specific items in mind and our material choices on the inside and the outside complement the changing demands. For example: our classic small waterproof bucket bags that can be used as a pencil pot in the office, toiletries for the bathroom, or small plants/ small flowers from the garden. Why clutter your home with 3 bags when one will do!


All Lovingly Made in Hertfordshire

We believe that bags should be practical so we design and make bags with beautiful natural fabrics which are tactical in look and feel. We use heavy weight cottons canvas, natural French linens, vintage fabrics and British made luxury from Yorkshire which brings differentiation to the rest of the market place. Using natural fabrics means that if over time they get a bit dirty they can be hand or machined washed! Even our waterproof linings can be washed! Not all bags can chuck in the washing machine!
Our colours and our fabric choices are as important as the bag styles, neutral earthy colour tones which can easily be taken out for a quick trip to the coffee shop or can be dressed up for a posh night out – one bag 2 uses!

All products Made in the UK
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Clothing & Accessories
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Annie with Alex