Radio 5 Live feature on 'Made in Britain' from the Grenson shoe factory

BBC Radio 5 Live’s Nihal Arthanayake asks “Is Made in Britain a label to be proud of?” in this interview live from the Grenson factory in Northampton.

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In this special edition of BBC Radio 5 Live’s afternoon show, presenter Nihal Arthanayake visits the famous Grenson footwear factory in Northampton.

At the factory he is joined by Grenson’s owner Tim Little, Adam Mansell CEO of UK Fashion & Textile Association and Kendall Robbins, Programme Manager for Fashion at the British Council.

Tim Little explains why he went from advertising to buying the Grenson shoe factory, which was founded in Northampton in 1866.

Kate Hills from Make it British is interviewed 24 minutes into the feature – hear her thoughts on what ‘made in Britain’ actually means and what the rules are surrounding its use.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘We don’t want to become a museum brand, we want to be a modern business’, Tim Little, Grenson” quote=”We don’t want to become a museum brand, we want to be a modern business, Tim Little, Grenson”]



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