Firms Return to Made in Britain

Our founder, Kate Hills, and members of Make it British, were quoted in The Sun business section this week in an article about firms bringing their production back to the UK.

Firms Return to Made in Britain - Make it British in the Press
Firms return to Made in Britain article in The Sun newspaper

We should see more goods made in the UK in stores soon, as the latest research into supply chains found that 40% of British firms are switching to UK suppliers 🙂

The survey, carried out by the Chartered Institute of Procurement (CIPS), polled 2,000 supply chain managers, and found that two in every five were now opting for UK production. The main reason being that since the pandemic, global supply chains have been in chaos.

This is great news for UK manufacturers, as well as shoppers that want to buy British. In The Sun article on the topic, Make it British founder Kate Hills was quoted as saying:

“One of the main reasons we are seeing businesses switch to the UK is because of delays and increased prices of importing raw materials.”

Kate Hills, Make it British

Also quoted in the article was Make it British member Alexander Wills, Chief Operating Officer at textile printing firm Fashion Formula. His business has replaced 80% of its European supply chain with British made fabrics in the past year. He said:

“A large number of our customers who previously ordered from China, Asia, Turkey or the EU have been reshoring their production.”

Alexander Wills, Chief Operating Officer, Fashion Formula