Katya Wildman, Bombshell – Why I Choose to Manufacture in London

Katya Wildman, Bombshell

What are the benefits of manufacturing locally if you are a small clothing brand?

In this interview with Katya Wildman,  founder of Bombshell, I talk to her about why she chose to reshore the production of her dresses back to the U.K. and the impact it’s had on her business.

Recorded inside the busy factory in North London where Katya’s garments are made, you’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes as I also speak to Raif Ali, the owner of the factory.

4 years ago Katya was making most of her dresses outside of the U.K.

Plagued by late deliveries, which can cripple cash flow for designers, Katya wanted to move her production back to the U.K. I introduced her to this manufacturer in North London…and she hasn’t looked back.

She visits the factory almost weekly, often popping in at weekends to chat to the staff. It’s clear that there’s a great bond between designer and manufacturer. 

Because of this close partnership she has with her factory she can literally turn around dresses in a few days. And the factory are happy to make small quantities for her because they know that she is committed to them. 

It’s the perfect partnership. 


– The advantages of making locally

– How to build a good relationship with a manufacturer

– The one most important thing that a designer can do to become a manufacturer’s favourite client

– The biggest challenge facing London garment manufacturers right now

– Why she brought her production back from Romania to the UK

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Katya Wildman and Raif Ali
Raif Ali and Katya Wildman
Katya at the Halo factory
Katya at the Halo factory



Kate Hills and Katya Wildman


Machinist at Halo
Machinist at the Halo factory


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