Live! – IP:The Basics and the B Word – Potter Clarkson

Intellectual Property: The Basics and the B WordWant to understand more about protecting your designs?

Potter Clarkson are Intellectual Property (IP) specialists, and in this talk, which was presented at Make it British Live!, Dave Holt and Sarah Talland present loads of really helpful information about protecting your design rights.

If you develop any sort of brand or product and want to ensure that your designs are protected, this episode is for you!


  • The different the types of IP
  • Why you need to protect your designs
  • What a patent is and when you should apply for one
  • How Brexit will affect patents
  • What type of designs you can register and how to do so
  • How to trademark your brand
  • How to copyright a design

This podcast episode is part of a series of talks which took place at Make it British Live! 2019.

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